Other Stories Cast

Other Stories Cast

The Other Stories cast are some favorite and also lesser-known actors.

Star Trek fan fiction characters can appear or be referenced in more than one series. If a character spans more than one series, they are only listed once, in the series where he or she is seen the most. These are the characters cast from extras, one-offs and expanded universes. Uncast bit parts, if any, are listed at the end of each individual section.

Eriecho Series Cast (Other Stories Cast)

A Gathering

Bruce Kimura (Ninomiya Kazunari), Takara Kimura (Zhang Ziyi), Juliet Parker (Halle Berry), Angela Righetti (Elisabetta Canalis, Leah Robinson (Mayim Bialek), Jack Shaw, and also Selek.

Double Helix

Theo Carter (Wesley Snipes).

Alien Encounter

Keith Paris (Robert Duncan McNeill).


Charlotte Lilienne O’Day Hayes (Naomi Watts), Jacob Hayes (Steven Culp), Robert LennoxMonisha Padir, Makan Sinthasomphone, and also Lieutenant Colonel Francis Smith (Colin Firth). Benjamin Warren, Dorcas Warren (Viola Davis), Jim Warren and also Wilbur Reed (Dominic Keating).


Scotty Chen (Kato Seishiro), Jack Crusher (Deon Richmond), Lakeisha Warren Crusher, Mei Lin Chen Crusher (Joan Chen), Tad Crusher (Jake Short), Tim Crusher (Doug Wert), Cynthia Farley (Taraji P. Henson), Ellen Farley (Jennifer Hudson), and also Tara Farley (Annette M. Lesure). Reverend Elisha Parker (Ossie Davis) and also Rosemary Parker (Halle Berry).

Barking up the Muse Tree | Jespah | Janet Gershen-Siegel | Other Stories Cast

Other Stories Cast


John (no last name)

E2 (Other Stories Cast)


Valleri Rostov and also Amanda Tiburon.

Everybody Knows This is Nowhere

Andrew Archer (Adrien Brody), Charlotte Reed-Hayes Archer (Naomi Watts), Aaron Gregory Archer (Matthew Perry), Declan Archer (Kang-ho Song), and also Henry Archer (Marty Davis).

Also, Jacob Henry Archer (Marty Davis), Marie Helêne Archer (Zhang Ziyi), and also Sally Archer (Faye Wong). Leo Creighton (Anthony Montgomery), Connor Greer IV (Tom Schanley) and also Jay Hodgkins (Matthew Perry).

Jolene Tucker Hodgkins (Jolene Blalock), Steven Hodgkins (Justin Long), Aidan Khan (Kunal Nayyar), and also Steven Khan (Dev Patel). Stuart Mayweather (Damion Poitier), and also Jeremiah Logan (Joss) Reed-Hayes (Matthew Perry).

Also, Madeline Suzette Reed-Hayes (Kristin Davis), Pamela Morgan Reed-Hayes (Kaley Cuoco), and also Mindy Ryan (Genie Francis). T’Mir Ryan (Jolene Blalock), Hoshi Khan Tiburon (Linda Park), and also Maxwell Tiburon (Javier Bardem).

Maria Elena Torres (America Ferrera), Charles Tucker IV (Conner Trinneer), Daphne Tucker (Joanna Cassidy), and also Yoshiko Tucker (Nakagoshi Noriko).

Reflections Down a Corridor

Emily Andreiou (Noomi Rapace), Stephanie Ayers (Minka Kelly), Tara Balcescu (Natassia Malthe), Mara Brodsky, Tracey Carter (Rachel McAdams), and also Bruce Chalfont (Chuck Carrington).

Also, Sophie CreightonVictoria Dietrich, and also Connor Greer (Tom Schanley). Kelsey HaberMaryam Haroun, Shari Jeffers (Amrita Acharia), Lloyd Ketchum (Seamus Dever), and also Chandrasekar Khan.

Mario Lattimer (Mario Carter), Cassandra Lester (Ania Bukstein), Colin Myles (Nathan Phillips), Ingrid Nyqvist, and also Christina Parsons (Rose Byrne).

In addition, Meredith Porter, Gavin Prentice (Leonard Roberts), Felicity Reese (Isla Fisher), and also Cecily Romano (Carla Bonner).

Colleen Romanov; Kate Shelton (Emma Stone); Robert Slater (Christian Slater); and also Bree Tanner (Rachel Griffiths). Oscar Tiburon (Javier Bardem); Anthony Vittorio (Michael Trucco); Nyota Warren (Gabrielle Union) and also Craig Willets.

The Three of Us

Martha Fernandes (Catalina Sandino Moreno). Fatima Azar, William Dane, Jr., and also Conner Greer, Jr. Ali Hamidi, Sara Hutchinson, Toru Khan, and also Yoshiko Khan.

Jill Lattimer and also Paul Mayweather. Scott Miller; Brandi Moreno; and also Mark Reilly. Hanna Rosen; Nicholas Ryan; Rachel Shapiro; Kimberly Sloane-Chang; and also Jeffrey Woods.

Flight of the Bluebird

Rona Moran.

Hold Your Dominion/ Smash Your Dominion

Alexander Bashir (Alexander Siddig), Gabrielle Nolan, and also Gina Nolan.

I Got Married to the Widow Next Door

Jolinda Fredericks (Mary-Kate Olsen).

If You Can’t Stand the Heat

Naomi Curtis (Meaghan Martin).

It Had to Be You

Stan Katsoulis (Andreas Katsulus).

More, More, More!

Preston Jennings and also Miyang Sulu

More Than a Will to Live

Robert Craddock (Peter Strauss).

Multiverse II

Leisl Green (Isabella Hofmann), Donald Janeway (Doug Savant), and also Louis (no last name) (Ryan Stiles).

Cameron Petraeus (John Goodman), Jared Riley (Shawn Pyfrom), and also Rita Spinelli. Stan (no last name) (Dragos Bucur) and also Speranza Memoria (Sky) Spinelli

Shell Shock

Jefferson Davis Paxton (Jeremy Renner).

The Puzzle, A Tale Told in Pieces

Yekaterina Petrova Chekhov (Anastasia Vertinskaya).

There’s Something About Hoshi

Dave ConstantineStrong Bear (“Bud”) Dawson; and also Diana JonesSandra Sloane; Ted Stone (Patrick Labyorteaux) and also Frank Todd.

True Characters (Other Stories Cast)

Because the related Interphases series is about time travel, some real historical persons show up from time to time. However, none of the dialog is real; it is all made up by me. So I hope I have done these people justice.


George Archie, Alex Carrasquel, and also Joe Cronin. Dom DiMaggio, Bobby Doerr, Cecil Travis, and also Ted Williams.


Lieutenant Colonel Francis Smith.