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More InformationThis page is where you will find all of the little things that do not seem to fit anywhere else. These include (but are not limited to, of course) –

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Philosophy and Carrying Over to Original Work

Beyond this sort of data, I truly want to do more than just toss my Star Trek fan fiction hither and yon. I do want to hear from you. My philosophy weaves not only into Star Trek fan fiction writing, but into my wholly original work as well.

And in fact, my wholly original work comes from my Star Trek fan fiction. For anyone who has ever decided to denigrate fan fiction writers, let me tell you a thing or two. Fan fiction writing gives new writers a chance to spread their wings and try out all sorts of scenarios. And they do not have to worry about whether the universe makes any sense. It already does.

Audience and Feedback

Furthermore, one of the criticisms people often level at Star Trek fan fiction writing in particular is that there is a preexisting audience, ready and waiting. The author does not have to hunt for validation or for a readership. I, personally, do not see that as handicapping. Rather, I  see it as a means of getting some encouragement from what can sometimes be a rather cruel world indeed for us creative types.

By giving Star Trek fan fiction writers a ready audience, that also means that there is a preexisting feedback mechanism.

It is, in many ways, a form of writers’ boot camp.