Timeline 2300 to 2999

Timeline 2300 to 2999

2300 AD – 2399 AD

Year Month Day Event Story
2300 unknown unknown Jason Daniels and Cynthia Reed wed Play
2301 unknown unknown Thomas Madden is born/Edward LaForge is born/Steven Hayes and Lucy Kimura wed Play
2302 unknown unknown Ellen Reed is born Play
2304 unknown unknown Silva Alvera is born Play
2305 unknown unknown Douglas Daniels is born Play
2307 unknown unknown Paige Shaw is born/Jay Neil Hayes is born Play
2309 unknown unknown Lilienne Charlotte Hayes is born Play
2322 December 3 Marty is born The All-Stars
2329 August 14 Mack is born The All-Stars
2329 unknown unknown Donald Porter is born/William O’Connor and Tina Reed wed Play
2330 unknown unknown Peter Madden dies/Edward LaForge and Silva Alvera wed Play
2331 unknown unknown Sheilagh Hayes is born Play
2335 unknown unknown Geordi is born canon
2335 unknown unknown Douglas Daniels and Paige Shaw wed Play
2336 May 20 Kathryn Janeway born canon
2337 unknown unknown Ariana LaForge is born Play
2341 unknown unknown Michael Daniels is born Play
2344 unknown unknown Kevin Reed, Emmet Kent Hoberman are born Fortune, The All-Stars
2348 unknown unknown Wesley Crusher born canon
2349 unknown unknown Mack is drafted by the Titan Bluebirds, and begins to play shortstop professionally for the team The All-Stars
2352 unknown unknown Wesley’s false memory of a parental fight Imprecision
2352 unknown unknown Sheilagh Hayes and Donald Porter marry Play
2354 unknown unknown Jack Crusher dies canon
2354 unknown unknown Tamsin is born Play
2357 unknown unknown Real fight between Beverly and her boyfriend, Dave Imprecision
2360 April unknown Mack is thrown into Canamar on trumped-up charges/Mack’s time playing for the Titan Bluebirds officially ends The All-Stars
2360 May 9 Mack’s parents send a note that she does not receive until 2379. The All-Stars
2361 unknown unknown Crita is born The All-Stars
2364 unknown unknown Enterprise-D is launched canon
2364 unknown unknown Warp Drive is invented by Kathryn Janeway Spring Thaw
2365 February 16 Porthos ends up here from 2153 The Continuing Adventures of Porthos
2365 unknown unknown ISS Molotov launched under Captain Simpson Keller The Point
2365 unknown unknown Mack’s parents die The All-Stars
2366 unknown unknown Interphase brings Wesley and Geordi to 1941; Hobie graduates from Proteus University Crackerjack/The All-Stars
2367 unknown unknown Warp bubble experiment canon
2367 unknown unknown Warp bubble disappears Day of the Dead
2367 unknown unknown Wesley Crusher is killed by a plague Where the Wind
2368 unknown unknown Enterprise-D is destroyed because Picard can’t stop playing a game Where the Wind
2368 unknown unknown Wesley meets Ensign Robin Lefler canon
2369 unknown unknown Amanda Rogers joins the Q Continuum canon
2370 unknown unknown Terran Empire finally falls/Wesley goes off with the Traveler canon
2371 unknown unknown First Contact with the Andorians Spring Thaw
2371 unknown unknown Kathryn Janeway takes command of the Voyager canon
2373 unknown unknown Q attempts to mate with Janeway canon
2373 unknown unknown Emperor Charles VI begins attempt to regain power Play
2375 unknown unknown Alexander Bashir seizes the ISS Molotov from Simpson Keller; Katie Hoberman is born The Point/The All-Stars
2377 unknown unknown Nichole Hoberman is born; Sandy Hoberman leaves Hobie The All-Stars
2379 June 28 Wesley sleeps for the first time in the presence of the Traveler Imprecision
2379 June 30 Wesley attends wedding of Troi and Riker canon
2379 July 4 Mack gets out of Canamar The All-Stars
2379 July 5 Wesley asks to see Lakeisha Overture
2379 July 8 Wesley and Lakeisha kiss Overture
2379 July 12 Mack MacKenzie gets to the Perseus Trading Post and buys the Cookie/Mack meets Crita and Daniya The All-Stars
2379 July 12 Martin Madden replaces Will Riker on the Enterprise-E/next stop – Denab System canon
2379 July 13 Marty suggests Wesley join Mack The All-Stars
2379 July 16 Mack interviews most of her team The All-Stars
2379 July 23 Mack hires most of her team The All-Stars
2379 July 30 The Cookie starts off, heading for Andoria The All-Stars
2379 August 2 Arrival on Andoria The All-Stars
2379 August 9 Majira examines Mack The All-Stars
2379 August 10 Ice hockey on Andoria The All-Stars
2379 August 11 Reception on Andoria The All-Stars
2379 August 13 Mack gets word of new games; Hobie is deployed The All-Stars
2379 September 4 Kreesta practice on the Cookie Play
2379 September 8 Martin Madden learns that his radiation band is less than 21 cm, thereby proving that he has Mirror universe heritage Play
2379 September 9 Martin Madden’s disastrous date with Tamsin Porter Play
2379 September 12 Kreesta game on Tellar Play
2379 September 13 Flag officers attend a concert at Starfleet Academy as a connection is made between Admiral Nechayev and Harriet Caul, the head of Section 31 Play
2379 September 14 Crita meets Senjarus Play
2379 September 15 Mack and Marty are together prematurely Play
2379 September 16 Wes sees Lakeisha Play
2379 September 17 Mack asks her employees to return Play
2379 September 23 Mack, Crita and Wes rig cameras to catch anyone tampering with the Cookie‘s technology Play
2380 February 12 Contact between operative and exiled Emperor Charles Time Out
2380 unknown unknown Rick meets Dana MacKenzie on the Enterprise-E You Mixed-Up Siciliano/Time Out

2400 AD – 2499 AD

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Human-Xindi Reptilian hybrid D’Storlin

Year Month Day Event Story
2406 unknown unknown Riots in Paris and on Titan The Point
2412 unknown unknown Bread riots/Xyrillian concert (guitars & drums) You Mixed-Up Siciliano
2413 August 27 Rayna Montgomery writes in her journal Freak School
2143 September 18 Stellak is transferred to the Archer Academy at Oberon Freak School
2413 October 4 Class pictures at the Archer Academy Freak School
2413 October 5 Rayna talks to her parents Freak School
2413 October 6 School dance at the Archer Academy Freak School
2413 October 7 Rayna Reports on the dance Freak School
2418 unknown unknown Alexander Bashir loses his command of the ISS Molotov when the ship is destroyed The Point
2482 unknown unknown Eskon dies while on a mission A Long, Long Time Ago

2500 AD – 2599 AD

Year Month Day Event Story
2518 unknown unknown The Worldwide web is invented Spring Thaw

2600 AD – 2699 AD

Year Month Day Event Story
2640 unknown unknown Otra’s fake vision of a regatta Spring Thaw
2642 unknown unknown Krios Prime joins the Federation You Mixed-Up Siciliano

2700 AD – 2799 AD

Year Month Day Event Story
2762 unknown unknown Pulse shot is perfected &amp/crossing over between the universes becomes easier and more common/The governments of our universe & the mirror are merged into one Empire Ohio
2762 unknown unknown Warp Drive is invented by Phillipa Green, who crashes her ship into a Tellarite freighter, & dies Spring Thaw
2763 March unknown Rick observes the Suliban getting the “future guy” benefactor/he meets & seduces Phillipa Green earlier mission
2764 unknown unknown Stem cell growth accelerator is banned except for research or covert government work You Mixed-Up Siciliano
2765 unknown unknown Pregnancies begin to become more common between the two universes You Mixed-Up Siciliano

2800 AD – 2899 AD

Year Month Day Event Story
2804 unknown unknown Temporal Integrity Commission founded Ohio
2864 unknown unknown Piaris Syndrome first observed by Dr. Anton Piaris The Point

2900 AD – 2999 AD

Year Month Day Event Story
2900 unknown unknown Temporal force field invented A Long, Long Time Ago