Alien Cast

Alien Cast

Makeup is assumed for all alien characters. These are all lead original alien and part-alien characters

In Between Days Series


Leveqa, Solana and Tallinaria (Glenn Close); and Telatharia (Suzie Plakson).


M’Roan (Jason Alexander).


Calafans name after each other, but there can only be one person with any given name (they don’t have last names). Hence if there is more than one character with an exact match name, the second one is designated as II, and is, by definition, born after the death of the first person with that name.

Ennewev (Alexander Skarsgard); Fepwev (Simon Baker); Linwev (Ryan Gosling); Miva (Julianne Moore); Polloria (Genie Francis); Treve (Jude Law); Yimar; Yinora (Reese Witherspoon); and Yipran.


Keleth (Theodore Bikel); and L’Kor (Ellen Pompeo).


Alien Cast

42753 (Jodie Foster); and Nistik (Mark Calaway (The Undertaker)).


T’Bek (Teri Hatcher); and T’Par (Lena Olin).


Quellata (Calista Flockhart).

Xindi Sloth

Aranda Chara (Abigail Breslin); Dayah (Kate Winslet); Emmiz (James McAvoy); Rellie (Mia Sara); and Chara Sika (Julie Christie).

Barking up the Muse Tree | Jespah | Janet Gershen-Siegel | In Between Days Cast | Alien Cast

In Between Days Cast

Times of the HG Wells Series

Branch Borodin is a colony alien; Otra D’Angelo is a human-Witannen hybrid; Kalothin is a male Vulcan (Paul Rudd); Josie (Jhasi Tantharis) O’Connor is a female Aenar; Kevin O’Connor is a human-Gorn hybrid; Boris Yarin is a human-Klingon-Xindi sloth hybrid (Henry Rollins); and Yilta (Holly Hunter) is a female Calafan.

Barking up the Muse Tree | Jespah | Janet Gershen-Siegel | Times of the HG Wells Cast | Alien Cast

Times of the HG Wells Cast

Interphases Series


John Phlox (Liam Neeson) is a human-Denobulan hybrid.


The Three of Us – Bithara (Penelope Cruz); Corda (Samantha Mathis); Ebrona (Courteney Cox); Izquilla (Nicki Minaj); Jeris (Kiefer Sutherland); Jobiram (Colin Farrell). Minatka (Denise Richards); Parrle (Helen Mirren); Preece Ti (Neve Campbell); Trenia (Rebecca Hall); and Vimilia (Jill Bennett).

Alien Cast

Everybody Knows This is Nowhere – Dakiza (Samantha Mathis); Kerna (Abbie Cornish); Lemnestra (Winona Ryder); Rakiin (Jesse L. Martin); Timinka (Penelope Cruz); and Verinold (David Keith).

Xindi Sloth

Ketton (Dennis Haysbert); Krivan (Kyle Chandler); Prala (Salma Hayak); and Scafen (James Purefoy).


Tre’ex (Mickey Rourke).

Extras and One-Offs Section


Sophra (Selena Gomez); and Ylinka (Demi Lovato).


Bron and Skrol (James Franco).

Klingons and Part-Klingons

Azetbur (Helen Mirren); Freela (Saoirse Ronan); Kittris (Chris Jericho); Kor (Nicolas Duvauchelle); K’Trelan (Matt Bomer); Lukara (Thandie Newton); and Rayna Montgomery; she is a human-Klingon hybrid.


Enkir (Stanley Tucci); L’Cultura (Dame Judi Dench); and Rechaan (Crispin Glover).

Vulcans and Part-Vulcans

Eriecho; Saddik; and Stellak (Justin Timberlake), a Vulcan-Romulan hybrid.

Xindi Reptilians and Part-Reptilians

D’Storlin (Vincent Kartheiser) is a male Xindi Reptilian-human hybrid; Etrina (Janine Nash); and Tr’Dorna.

Other Species

Desh (Justin Timberlake) is a Breen; Kerev (Dean Stockwell) is an Enolian; Milit (Chris Eccleston) is an Arisian; and Vir’ajen (Colin Ford) is a Xyrillian.

Supporting Original Alien and Part-Alien Characters


Serin and T’Therin (Tom Felton).


Gopalahr (Jason Alexander); and Parenelsa (Mackenzie Foy).


Aliwev (Christian Bale); Baden (Ed Harris); Braewev (Matt DeAngelis); Chawev (Roger Daltrey); Chelben (Dawson Dunbar); Elenyakiyah (Isla Fisher); Kaiwev (Ray Romano); Yicha (Isla Fisher); Yifep (Ellen Barkin); Yipran II (Sammi Hanratty); and Yiria (Tilda Swinton).


Charlek (Paul Rudd); Kefris (Christopher Plummer); Sharik (Mos Def); Sollastek (Justin Timberlake);

Other Species

Cympia Triff (Paula Crist) is a female Tellarite; and Von (Peter Dinklage) is a male Ferengi.

Uncast Aliens

For some alien species, there just aren’t good actors or actresses, due to the need for significant makeup, prosthetics, CGI, or some combination thereof. This is canon; Xindi Insectoids, the Tholian, and the Gorn in Enterprise were all CGI creations. I’ve had problems dreaming up people to “play” the Daranaeans, as they are canids (illustrations used for covers are all adapted from pictures of dogs, except for the photograph of Inta as a young infant, which is from a picture of a flying fox, a form of large bat. The difference in look is just too great. However, if you can come up with someone to “play” the Daranaeans, have at it. After all, M’Ress had a voice – Majel Barrett Roddenberry. Furthermore, some are just such bit parts that they should be mentioned but it’s really a pointless exercise to “cast” the roles.


Fortune – Tarina (female; Freak School – Mister Kilva Tholin (male).


More, More, More! – Kerig (male); Intolerance – Legeis (female) and Lorgh (male).


Freak School – Miss T’Bek (female); Hold Your Dominion – T’Mel (female).

Xindi Insectoids

Reversal – She Who Almost Didn’t Breed In Time; Alien Encounter – The One Who Fires a Weapon Very Fast

Other Canon Species

The Point is Probably Moot – Dellak (female Suliban) and Glyph (male Ferengi);
Freak School – Doctor Fetlaff (male Denobulan) and Tellifa (female Andorian-Xyrillian hybrid).


Fortune – Chawev II, Chelben II, Treve II and Perriwev (males) and Yidary (female); Ohio – Darywev (male) and Yimiva ( female).



The Cure is Worse Than the Disease – Elemus and Dr. Varelle; Take Back the Night – Acreon, Arnis, Craethe, Rechal, Trinning and Vidam; Debate – Boestus; The Flight of the Bluebird – Brantus and Chellis.


The Cure is Worse Than the Disease – Cama, Libba and Thessa; Take Back the Night – Cria, Dratha, Inta (there are two females with this name), Mistra, Minna and Seppa; Temptation – Jamae, Kathalia and Morza; Debate – Ethara; The Flight of the Bluebird – Anatha, Carya, Curra, Darri,Erda, Fyra, Kela, Nitha, Raelia,  Samitha, Shura, Tamira and Trava.


Desperation – Chefra D’Angelo (female).

Other Non-Canon Bit Parts

The Adventures of Porthos – Dar (male Olathan) and Siont (male Azezan); Together – Griud (male Imvari); More, More, More! – Marikii (genderless Vilusun).

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