Timeline for Star Trek Fan Fiction



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The Persistence of Memory

A timeline is necessary when you write as much fan fiction as I have.

My Star Trek fan fiction universe runs from prehistoric times to the faraway future. Here are the most important dates. These fan fiction stories have not just a future. They have a prequel-style past as well. In addition, they have concurrent events and alternates. Characters who belong to more than one timeline get different destinies. This is as you might expect.

I have never liked star dates (and they are maddeningly inconsistent, anyway), so everything is dated with the standard Western calendar. Further, these dates also encompass alternate timelines and the Mirror Universe. I have tried my best to make that clear, but I admit it is not always possible. I will add more dates and source stories as I can. Using the Western calendar means it should also be a lot easier to determine character ages and the like.

All of the stories that I am referring to can be found somewhere on this blog or on my web page at jespah.com. I have made an effort to include every major event, but sometimes that is just not possible. Instead, see this timeline as a guide. It should help to orient you as to time.  By knowing who exists in canon, or the current events of the time, you should be able to parse when something happens. That is, if it isn’t obvious.

By definition, this timeline is chock full of spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

First line, to 2099. Second line, 2100 – 2299. Third line, 2300 – 2999. And the last line, 3000 – end.

Occasionally, these will get updates, if I write more fan fiction. Plus I might add more detail if it comes to light. But right now that’s not too terribly likely.