Timeline 2100 to 2299

Timeline 2100 to 2299

Timeline 2100 to 2299


Here’s the timeline 2100 to 2299.

2100 AD – 2119 AD

A look at timeline 2100 to 2299.

Year Month Day Event Story
2100 unknown unknown Birth of Laura Hayes. Together
2102 December 3 Doug Hayes (Beckett) is born. Review
2102 December 5 Birth of Jay Hayes. Reversal
2102 unknown unknown Philip III is Emperor of Terra. Voice of the Common Man
2105 unknown unknown Chris Harris is born. Together
2106 unknown unknown Doug and Kathy Norris look at each other. Reversal
2108 unknown unknown Birth of Rona. Flight of the Bluebird
2109 March 27 Lili O’Day is born. Reversal
2109 July 12 Colonel Green dies. Ohio
2109 August 20 Jeremiah tells Lena that Doug is being sent to the Triton Day School. Paving Stones Made From Good Intentions
2109 August unknown Doug begins attending Triton Day School. Reversal
2110 unknown unknown Birth of Susan Cheshire. Temper
2111 unknown unknown Declan O’Day is born. Reversal
2112 September 2 Birth of Malcolm Reed. Reversal/Together
2112 October 9 Jonathan Archer is born. canon
2113 unknown unknown Photo taken of Jay on his bike. Achieving Peace
2114 unknown unknown Yipran is born. Legends
2115 unknown unknown Phlox becomes a doctor. canon
2116 unknown unknown Doug graduates from Triton Day School. He begins attending West Point. Reversal
2116 unknown unknown Birth of Rabbi Leah Benson. The Light
2117 unknown unknown Arizhel is born and almost dies. Intolerance
2117 unknown unknown Zefram Cochran and Lily Sloane Cochrane meet M’Roan. A Single Step
2118 June 12 House fire at the O’Days – Peter, Marie Helêne and Declan (last one is mirror only) die. Reversal

2120 AD – 2129 AD

More of a look at timeline 2100 to 2299.

2121 unknown unknown Tripp Tucker is born. canon
2122 December 3 Doug’s fake date of birth. Temper
2122 unknown unknown Doug kills Lucas Donnelly, his first human kill. Reversal
2123 unknown unknown Doug graduates from West Point. He then starts basic training in Cambodia. Reversal
2124 unknown unknown Doug loses his virginity to Darareaksmey Preap. He then kills Ethan Shapiro, his second human kill. Reversal
2124 unknown unknown Birth of Pamela Hudson. Intolerance
2125 unknown unknown José Torres is born. Reversal
2126 unknown unknown Birth of Travis Mayweather. canon
2127 unknown unknown Doug kills Chris Harris, his third human kill. Births of Lefty Robinson  and Pollori. Reversal
2127 unknown unknown Lili cooks for Aviri and gets an acceptance into the Mars Culinary Institute (MCI). Flip
2127 unknown unknown Francisco Ramirez is born. Play
2127 unknown unknown Lili loses her virginity to Paul Mayer. Together
2128 unknown unknown Aidan is born. Reversal
2128 unknown unknown Doug kills Carlos Castillo, his fourth human kill. Fortune
2129 March 27 Lili’s fake date of birth. Temper
2129 July 9 Births of Empress Hoshi Sato and Hoshi Sato. canon
2129 unknown unknown Chip Masterson is born. Reversal
2129 unknown unknown Doug kills Ehigha Ejiogu, his fifth human kill. Fortune
2129 unknown unknown Lili works at the Tethys Tavern, tending bar. Reversal
2129 unknown unknown Malcolm loses his virginity to Robin McKenzie. Together
2129 unknown unknown Pamela loses her virginity to her father, Edward. Intolerance

2130 AD – 2139 AD

More of a look at timeline 2100 to 2299.

2130 April 14 Birth of twins, Jennifer and Claire Crossman. Reversal
2130 unknown unknown Maryam Haroun is born. Conversations with Heroes
2130 unknown unknown Doug kills Tim Randall, his sixth human kill. Fortune
2131 unknown unknown Doug kills Wes Goddard, his seventh human kill. Fortune
2132 unknown unknown Craig Willets is born. November 13th
2132 unknown unknown Birth of Andrew Miller. The Light/The Point
2132 unknown unknown Doug kills Rodney Hamilton, his eighth human kill. Fortune
2132 unknown unknown Gary Hodgkins is born. Intolerance
2133 April 27 Jay arrives on Titania and glimpses Susan. Atlas
2133 unknown unknown Doug kills Wil Troi, his ninth human kill. Fortune
2133 unknown unknown Ethan Shapiro is born (our universe only). Reversal
2133 unknown unknown Births of Josh Rosen and Karin Bernstein. The Light
2133 unknown unknown Emperor Philip III dies and is succeeded by Philip IV. Voice of the Common Man
2134 February 21 Birth of Melissa Madden. Intolerance/Temper
2134 July 7 Deb Haddon is born. Reversal
2135 unknown unknown Doug’s relationship with Susan Cheshire. Together
2136 April 30 Leonora (Norri) is born. Fortune
2137 unknown unknown Births of Brian Delacroix and Treve. Reversal
2139 unknown unknown Emmiz is born. Together
2139 unknown unknown Pamela has her first consensual sexual experience. Intolerance

2140 AD – 2149 AD

More of a look at timeline 2100 to 2299.

2143 unknown unknown Yimar is born. Reversal
2144 unknown unknown Doug kills Donald Ellison, his tenth human kill. Fortune
2147 unknown unknown Doug kills Evan Sorian, his eleventh human kill. Fortune
2149 January 14 Soval, Archer, Robinson, and Tucker announce a competition to perfect inertial dampers. Where No Gerbil
2149 April 27 Porthos is born. The Continuing Adventures of Porthos
2149 unknown unknown Doug kills Ian Landry, his twelfth human kill. Fortune

2150 AD to 2155 AD

Yet more of a look at timeline 2100 to 2299.

2150 November unknown Witannen capture Andorians. Together
2150 unknown unknown Doug kills Kurt Fong, his thirteenth human kill. Fortune
2150 unknown unknown Leonora comes out to her family. An Announcement
2151 April 12 Enterprise launched. series season 1
2151 June 14 Travis is abducted for an alien experiment. The Puzzle
2151 September 9 Rick reveals himself to Jonathan and claims to be a time traveler. canon
2151 November 13 Craig gets a message from Rick. November 13th
2152 February unknown Jonathan does girl-watching on Risa. And the Livin’ is easy
2152 March unknown Enterprise mission threatened. series season 2
2152 September 21 Malcolm wins pineapple cobbler. Cobbled Together
2152 unknown unknown Doug kills Geming Sulu, his fourteenth human kill. Tripp and Beth initially together (mirror only). Reversal
2152 unknown unknown Kolos defends Jonathan at Rura Penthe. canon
2152 unknown unknown Peasants begin revolting on Krios Prime. You Mixed-Up Siciliano
2152 unknown unknown Will and Naomi thwart a Darvellian attack. If You Can’t Stand the Heat
2153 April 6 Malcolm is hit by a temporal interphase and thrown back in time. Concord
2153 April unknown Will interviews Lili. Voracious
2153 April 16 Lili is hired to work on the NX-01. Harvest
2153 April 16 Malcolm and Tripp go to Lili’s lunch. Malcolm sees Lili’s picture and is hit by déjà vu. Concord
2153 June 12 Lili and Will compete in an Iron Chef-style competition to entertain the crew. Before the Fall
2153 July 2 Porthos is sent to the future by way of a spatial anomaly that turns out to be temporal, too. The Continuing Adventures of Porthos
2153 October 9 Lili prepares a cake from Captain Archer’s 41st birthday. Protocols
2153 November 22 Lili kills She Who Almost Didn’t Breed in Time. Fortune
2153 November 29 Rona Moran reports on the Romulan War. Gossip gossip
2153 December 24 Lili remembers her parents. Onions
2153 all year all Xindi War. series season 3
2153 unknown unknown Chelben born. Reversal
2153 unknown unknown Klingons on Rura Penthe captured by the Witannen. Melissa loses her virginity to an unnamed woman. Together
2153 unknown unknown Shelby Pike is pregnant with Tripp Tucker’s child. Where the Wind
2154 January 2 Lili gives Jay something for his cough. Penicillin
2154 January 8 Chang gets a demotion to Private for being AWOL. Demotion
2154 January 14 Generation 2.4 meets Generation 3.0. Also, Generation 3.3 meets Generation 4.0. Everybody Knows
2154 January 14 Dave and Frank talk about the other NX-01. Detached Curiosity
2154 January 17 First log entry after hitting the subspace corridor. Reflections
2154 January 19 Second log entry and the women are rated. Reflections
2154 January 20 Third log entry. Archer says it’ll be a generational ship. Reflections
2154 February 13 Jay changes his will and wills Lili the lucky nickel, revealing he was about to ask her out. Everybody Knows
2154 February 13 Jay is killed. series season 3
2154 February 27 Enterprise finally returns home at the conclusion of the Xindi War. series season 4
2154 March 19 Independent filmmaker Carlos Castillo interviews members of the NX-01 about the Xindi War. Conversations with Heroes
2154 March 27 Lili meets a representative from Laura’s firm, who gives her the lucky nickel. Lili turns 45. Everybody Knows
2154 June 22 Archer announces Turing/Stonewall (IDIC) Week. The Way to a Man’s Heart
2154 June 26 Frank asks Lili to make blueberry pie. The Way to a Man’s Heart
2154 June 28 Lili makes blueberry pie for Frank and Dave. The Way to a Man’s Heart
2154 July 10 Disco party for NX-01 and NX-02. More, More, More!
2154 October 31 Kelsey tells Deb his secret. In Memory of Kelsey Haber
2154 December 8 Letters to Tripp start from the finance company. Letters from Home
2154 December unknown Porthos helps thwart the Olathans. The Adventures of Porthos
2154 all year all Augments. series season 4
2154 unknown unknown Beth Cutler dies (our universe only). canon
2154 unknown unknown Kaitaama loses her life via laser guillotine. You Mixed-Up Siciliano
2155 January 1 Travis and Sulu are switched. Mirror Masquerade
2155 January 18 Hoshi gets the Defiant and then declares herself Empress. canon
2155 January 18 Hoshi has Ian and Phlox killed. She then kills Emperor Phillip IV and gets an informal declaration of Empress. Throwing Rocks
2155 January 18 Ian dies. The Three of Us
2155 January 22 Terra Prime episode. series season 4

2155 AD – 2161 AD (In Between Days)

Still more of a look at timeline 2100 to 2299.

2155 January 25 Hoshi kills T’Pol. Throwing Rocks
2155 February 13 Doug wins a competition with Chip and Aidan and becomes a Lt. Cmdr., running Tactical. Paving Stones
2155 March 12 Enterprise is attacked by a possible Romulan sortie as a prelude to the Earth-Romulan War. Porthos has too much cheese. Stilton Fulfillment
2156 January 30 Richard Daniels has a mission in the mirror universe, and Empress Hoshi conceives Jun. Reversal
2156 January all Earth-Romulan War begins. canon
2156 April unknown Xindi on the Betar Colony are captured by Witannen. Together
2156 November 1 Jun Sato is born. Reversal/A Long, Long Time Ago
2156 November 30 Rachel Orenstein dies. The Light
2156 December 1 Ethan Shapiro’s Chanukah party. The Light
2157 January unknown Andy and Karin’s third date. Waiting
2157 May 11 Melissa and Norri meet. Fortune
2157 May 12 As part of the cover story allowing Jun to live, Empress Hoshi is told that Rick died on this day when his ship crashed on Daranaea. You Mixed-Up Siciliano
2157 May unknown Norri tells her family she met Melissa. An Announcement
2157 June unknown Witannen capture Vulcans. Together
2157 October 28 Lili meets Doug. Reversal
2157 October 29 The day of the all-orange food. Reversal
2157 October 30 Shelby offers Travis an apple. Apple
2157 November 10 Yipran dies (mirror only). Reversal
2157 November 13 Doug crosses over to our universe. Deb Haddon dies (mirror only). Reversal
2157 November 15 Doug proposes to Lili. Reversal
2157 November 16 Arrival on Lafa II. Local Flavor
2157 November unknown Leveqa gives birth to Erell, who Leveqa and Serin kill almost immediately. Together
2157 December unknown Hoshi (mirror) conceives Kirin. Temper
2157 unknown unknown Jia Sulu is born. Saturn Rise
2158 January unknown Lili conceives Joss. A Kind of Blue
2158 February 14 Doug and Lili marry. A Kind of Blue
2158 February 17 Lili writes to Naurr. Dear Naurr
2158 March 1 Supply ship reaches Lafa II. Together
2158 April 6 Mary Reed starts working. Gainful
2158 April 1 Lili and Treve get investor money to open Reversal. Dear Naurr
2158 April unknown Melissa and Norri move in together. Fortune
2158 May 4 Lili hears from the people who bought Voracious. Dear Naurr, Dear Lili
2158 May 25 Lili and Doug open Reversal. Reversal
2158 May unknown Hoshi pushes Chip and Aidan to deal with the rodent infestation. Brown
2158 June unknown Yipran gives Lili the Cuff of Lo. Friday Visit
2158 July 9 Hoshi turns 29. Intolerance
2158 July 31 Pamela Hudson leaves Enterprise. Intolerance
2158 August 4 Will Owen commits suicide. Together
2158 August 17 Birth of Kira (Kirin). He Stays a Stranger/Temper
2158 September 2 Joss Beckett is born. Together
2158 November unknown Doug buys the land. Pacing
2158 December 25 Doug tells Lili he bought land for their house. The Gift
2159 March 27 Lili conceives Marie Patrice (Petey). Lili also turns 50. Together
2159 April 19 Also, Lili and Doug vote on Lafa II for the first time. Voice of the Common Man
2159 July 3 Arashi is born. Temper
2159 August 1 Dinner party at the Becketts. Together
2159 August 2 Doug first meets Melissa. Together
2159 August 26 Rescue from the Witannen. Doug realizes he’s in love with Melissa. Together
2159 August 28 Doug and Malcolm teach a hand to hand class. Together
2159 August 31 Jennifer and Frank marry. Together
2159 August unknown Melissa conceives Tom. Together
2159 September 2 Malcolm turns 47 and Joss turns 1. Together
2159 October 4 Hoshi tampers with The Seventh Seal to wreak revenge on Tripp. Broken Seal
2161 November unknown Malcolm takes Melissa to Movie Night. Movie Night
2159 October 12 Charlie is born. Temper
2159 December 26 Shared dream by Doug, Joss and Lili. Equilibrium
2160 January 11 Birth of Marie Patrice Beckett. Temper
2160 February unknown First contact with the Daranaeans. The Cure is Worse than the Disease
2160 April 9 Charlie, Charles and Beth become citizens of the Mirror Lafa System. Ceremonial
2160 April 25 Chip tells Deb how he got Stella. Where No Gerbil
2160 May 5 Doug, Lili and the kids arrive on Ceres. Tumult
2160 May 6 Birth of Thomas Madden. Temper
2160 June 1 Takara and Takeo are born. Temper
2160 August 4 Laura is a part of negotiating peace with the Romulans. Achieving Peace
2160 August 15 Ruby is attacked. Shell Shock
2160 August 16 Detention for Malcolm and others. Shell Shock
2160 August 17 Dash opens Malcolm’s quarters. Apprehension of Paxton. Shell Shock
2160 August 29 Ruby awakens. Shell Shock
2160 August all Earth-Romulan War ends. canon
2160 September 21 Paxton’s preliminary hearing. Shell Shock
2160 November unknown First Contact with the Arisians makes Hoshi irresistible.** There’s Something About Hoshi
2161 January 1 Aidan, Josh, Lucy, Chip & Andy conspire to leave with Kira, Takara & Takeo The Conspiracy
2161 February 1 Lili conceives Declan. Also, Melissa and Doug hunt. Temper
2161 February 4 First pulse shot by the mirror. Also, Malcolm has to go back to the Enterprise early. Temper
2161 February 5 Melissa conceives Neil. Also, Richard gets to the house. Temper
2161 February 6 Digiorno/Madden visit to Becketts. Also, killings of José and Travis in the correct MU timeline. Temper
2161 April unknown Aidan meets Susan Play
2161 May 7 Hoshi undergoes surgery so that a hole in Izo’s heart can be repaired in utero Coveted Commodity
2161 August 4 Izo is born Temper
2161 October 25 Malcolm tells Jonathan he’s about to become a father Fortune
2161 October 31 Declan Reed is born Fortune
2161 October 31 Tripp is whisked to April 24, 1945 Day of the Dead
2161 November 1 April 24, 1945 liberation of Dachau Day of the Dead
2161 November 2 Tripp is returned to the NX-01 Day of the Dead
2161 November 15 Neil Madden is born Fortune
2161 December 5 Doug finally tells Lili about all of the kills. Fortune
2161 December 30 END OF IN BETWEEN DAYS n/a

2161 AD – 2169 AD

Still more of a look at timeline 2100 to 2299.

2161 December 31 Final mission of Enterprise original crew. Also, the NX-01 is decommissioned. series season 4
2162 January 1 Tripp dies canon
2162 January 11 Party for Marie Patrice/Malcolm begins 3-year paternity leave/last scene in series Fortune
2162 January 11 Treve and Pamela leave together To Wish, To Want, To Desire
2162 February 14 Hoshi and T’Pol go over Tripp’s possessions On the Radio
2162 April 4 Betsy is born Temper
2162 May unknown Treve and Pamela go to Charon. Also, Lili and Malcolm go to Titan. Saturn Rise
2162 July 9 Andy meets Melissa (MU) The Play at the Plate
2162 August 11 Yipran names Yi’adioni as her successor Legends
2162 October 31 Declan’s first birthday party All You Need is Love
2163 July 12 Pamela and Treve play strip poker The Best Things>
2163 July 13 Pamela and Treve have a few boudoir issues Complications
2164 August 28 Malcolm and Doug try to fix Lili’s car Gremlins
2165 January 1 Malcolm’s paternity leave ends Fortune
2165 April 19 Cochrane goes to Daranaea Take Back the Night
2165 May 18 Norri gets her doctorate. Also, in the mirror, Leah Benson kills her lover, Norri. Fortune
2165 July 11 Yinora is born Fortune
2165 November 5 Inta steals the cookies Temptation
2165 November unknown Ines Ramirez is born Fortune
2165 December 20 Gifts are exchanged between the Enterprise and Daranaea Some Assembly Required
2165 unknown unknown Ethan and Karin marry Fortune
2166 September 11 Andy tries to get Josh to open a secret fund to protect his child by Melissa Escape
2166 September 12 Melissa Madden dies in shuttle crash on Vulcan while carrying Andrew Miller’s child (mirror only) The Point/Fortune
2166 September 12 Tommy sees Norri and Melissa fooling around The Facts
2166 December 26 Alternate history: Crossover by Beckett/Madden children to mirror/ 2nd pulse shot by the mirror Temper
2167 unknown unknown In the alternate timeline, Malcolm gets command of the USS Bluebird Temper
2167 November 5 Steven MacKenzie is born Play

2170 AD – 2179 AD

2170 August 4 Alia is born Fortune
2170 unknown unknown Toru Kimura is born There’s Something Else About Hoshi
2171 December 26 In the alternate timeline, Melissa kills herself Temper
2172 May 18 Bridie Kelly interviews to become Soval’s companion Biases
2172 December 9 Q shows Lili Doug defusing a difficult hostage situation Fortune
2172 unknown unknown Yoshiko Kimura is born There’s Something Else About Hoshi
2172 unknown unknown In the alternate timeline, deaths Jonathan, T’Pol and Phlox upon the destruction of the Enterprise. Temper
2173 unknown unknown Chelben dies (our universe only) Fortune
2173 unknown unknown Lucinda Warren is born Play
2174 unknown unknown In the alternate timeline, killings of Hoshi and Tripp. also, Malcolm has the accident (our universe only). Temper
2175 June unknown Joss takes Jia Sulu to his Prom Fortune/Consider the Lilies of the Field
2175 October 17 Kelsey Haber kills himself In Memory of Kelsey Haber
2175 October 19 Memorial service for Kelsey Haber In Memory of Kelsey Haber
2175 unknown unknown Jonathan is elected to the Federation Council canon
2175 unknown unknown Malcolm is supposed to be teaching combat training at Starfleet but is instead called to temporarily captain the Cochrane and use it to patrol the Neutral Zone against the Klingons Equinox
2175 unknown unknown Rebecca is born Fortune
2176 January 1 Susan decides to quit drinking, but not in the mirror The Pivot Point
2176 July 12 In the alternate timeline, death of Pamela. Temper
2177 June 2, 24 Kevin is born, and dies Fortune
2177 June unknown Kevin’s funeral, which Malcolm misses Equinox
2177 unknown unknown Daranaeans debate whether to grant Prime Wives the right to vote Debate
2177 unknown unknown Shran goes into hiding briefly Half
2178 June 1 Crossover by Lili & Doug to mirror. Also, third pulse from mirror to here. In the alternate timeline, deaths of Norri, Malcolm, and Neil. Temper
2178 June 3 In the alternate timeline, killing of Empress Hoshi. Temper
2179 April 24 Hoshi, Travis and the Kimura family return to Aris There’s Something Else About Hoshi
2179 May 16 Milit announces his marriage to Trea Aqili There’s Something Else About Hoshi

2180 AD – 2189 AD

Even more of a look at timeline 2100 to 2299.

2180 August 9 Q shows Lili Malcolm getting command of the USS Bluebird Fortune
2180 August 15 The Bluebird is sent to observe the Daranaean elections Flight of the Bluebird
2180 August 20 Bluebird approaches Daranaea Flight of the Bluebird
2180 August 24 Bluebird invites candidates to a meal Flight of the Bluebird
2180 August 25 Brantus asks Jonathan to buy Seppa/Daranaean meal on the Bluebird/Jonathan and Seppa pick up Windy the puppy Flight of the Bluebird
2180 August 26 Blair goes to Daranaea to help with the cure/Jonathan gets advice from Malcolm and Lili how to deal with the nosy press Flight of the Bluebird
2180 August 27 Cama is injected with the cure/MACOs go to defend candidates/Rona meets Seppa/Speeches in the Beta Council chamber Flight of the Bluebird
2180 August 28 Daranaean elections Flight of the Bluebird
2180 August 29 Seppa and her family depart Flight of the Bluebird
2180 September 2 Corumon and Bluebird meet in space. Also, Malcolm turns 68. Flight of the Bluebird
2181 January 15 Tommy is promoted to Ensign Equinox
2181 June 30 Doug’s death Fortune
2181 June 30 Malcolm learns of Doug’s death Equinox
2181 September 21 Lili is visited by Ian and Jay in her dreams/Malcolm is visited by Doug in his dreams Equinox
2182 May 25 Q shows Lili her wedding day with Malcolm Fortune
2182 September 2 Inta gets into Oxford/Malcolm turns 70 Confidence
2183 August 4 Alia Shapiro’s Bat Mitzvah Fortune/The Rite
2183 unknown unknown Darywev dies Destinations
2184 unknown unknown Jonathan and Miva marry Destinations
2184 unknown unknown Laura dies Fortune
2184 unknown unknown Jonathan becomes Federation President canon
2185 unknown unknown Joss marries Jia Sulu; Malcolm dances with Jia at the wedding Fortune/Finnan Haddie
2186 unknown unknown Helen Walker sent to ISS Defiant to hide He Stays a Stranger
2187 unknown unknown Declan marries Louise Schiller Fortune
2189 unknown unknown Tanya West is born Play

2190 AD – 2199 AD

End of first half of timeline 2100 to 2299.

2190 unknown unknown Declan divorces Louise Schiller Fortune
2190 unknown unknown Jay Hayes Beckett is born Fortune
2190 unknown unknown Jennifer Leonora Madden is born Fortune
2191 November 12 Q shows Lili and Brian catering a Federation banquet Fortune
2191 unknown unknown Richard LaForge is born Play
2192 April 4 Leah Benson attends a banquet where 3 new members are admitted to the new Federation Bread
2192 April 6 In the mirror, Leah Benson defects to Andoria Bread
2192 May 20 Andrew kills himself to escape Empress Hoshi Escape/The Point
2192 May 20 Lili and Malcolm see the wave in the sky above Lafa II. Also, Milton crosses over and meets Hoshi. The Point
2192 May 25 Lili and Malcolm’s 10th wedding anniversary The Point
2195 unknown unknown Births of Martin Kevin Madden and also Shaoqing Beckett. Fortune
2199 unknown unknown Treve dies Fortune

2200 AD – 2209 AD

Continuing look at timeline 2100 to 2299.

Year Month Day Event Story
2200 unknown unknown The Defiant is destroyed by 6 other Constitution class ships (mirror only) The Point
2201 unknown unknown Erik MacKenzie is born Play
2202 December 3 Q shows Lili her own death (Doug’s centennial) Fortune
2202 December 26 Q shows Lili Malcolm’s death Fortune
2203 unknown unknown Neil runs the 5K The Medal
2204 February 21 Q shows Lili Melissa saving lives Fortune
2204 unknown unknown Kate Ryan is born Play
2209 March 27 Q shows Lili Melissa’s death (Lili’s centennial) Fortune

2210 AD – 2219 AD

More of a look at timeline 2100 to 2299.

2211 October 1 Then Q shows Lili Norri giving a talk about her book. Fortune
2212 September 2 Q shows Lili Norri’s death (Malcolm’s centennial) Fortune
2212 unknown unknown Jonathan and Miva visit the memorial Hazy Shade
2213 unknown unknown Declan asks Tommy about finding a rabbi, so he can convert to Judaism. Completely Hers
2213 unknown unknown Declan marries Rebecca Shapiro Fortune
2213 unknown unknown Amanda Goldstein is born Play
2214 unknown unknown Peter Matthew Reed is born Fortune
2214 unknown unknown Richard LaForge and Shaoqing Beckett wed Play
2215 unknown unknown Births of Dino Digiorno-Madden and also Thomas LaForge. Play
2217 unknown unknown Births of Stuart Thomas Reed and also Phoebe Ryan. Fortune, Play
2218 unknown unknown Susan Delacroix is born Fortune
2219 unknown unknown Kirsten Morrow is born Play

2220 AD – 2229 AD

Looking at more of timeline 2100 to 2299.

2224 unknown unknown Sybok is born canon
2227 unknown unknown Jay Hayes Beckett marries Fortune
2228 unknown unknown Eriecho is born during a prison transport to Canamar. Also, T’Kef dies in childbirth and Sterrik is killed. Saddik takes responsibility for the infant, as does the Suliban, H’Shema Across the Universe/Release
2229 December 3 Births of Douglas Malcolm Beckett (Hayes) and also Adam Daniels. Fortune/Play

2230 AD – 2239 AD

More of timeline 2100 to 2299.

2230 unknown unknown Births of Lilienne Melissa Beckett and also Lana Moreau. Fortune/Play
2230 unknown unknown Births of Spock and also T’Pring. Destinations
2231 unknown unknown Penny Webb is born. Play
2232 July unknown Pamela’s eulogy Remembrance
2232 unknown unknown David LaForge is born Play
2233 unknown unknown Jonathan Archer retires/Nero and Spock Prime break through to an earlier time period canon
2234 October 28 Q shows Lili the last time the kids are all together. This is also the 77th anniversary of Doug meeting Lili. Fortune
2234 November 13 Craig talks about Daniels to his family November 13th
2234 November 21 Heroic death of Thomas Madden. Fortune
2236 unknown unknown Phoebe Ryan dies Play
2238 unknown unknown Births of Dwight MacKenzie and also Charles Malcolm Reed. Play

2240 AD – 2249 AD

Still more of timeline 2100 to 2299.

2240 unknown unknown Births of Cheryl Spinelli and also Amy Torres. Play
2245 May 12 Empress Hoshi Sato dies Fortune/Temper/Who Shall Wear the Robe and Crown?
2245 unknown unknown Enterprise NCC-1701 is launched canon
2245 unknown unknown T’Pol and her family go to visit Jonathan and Miva Destinations
2248 unknown unknown Births of Scott Reed and also Justin LaForge. Also, David LaForge and Lana Moreau wed. Play

2250 AD – 2259 AD

More of timeline 2100 to 2299.

2250 unknown unknown Vintage of the Grand Siècle Champagne Jack buys for Julie A Gathering
2250 unknown unknown Births of Eleanor Reed and also Hanna Richmond. Play
2251 unknown unknown Peter Madden is born Play
2253 unknown unknown Linda Klinghofer is born Play
2255 unknown unknown Kira (Kirin) dies You Mixed-Up Siciliano
2258 unknown unknown Jun dies Fortune/You Mixed-Up Siciliano
2258 unknown unknown Nero destroys Vulcan canon
2259 unknown unknown Elizabeth Miller is born. Also, Charles Malcolm Reed and Amy Torres wed. Play

2260 AD – 2269 AD

Yet more of timeline 2100 to 2299.

2262 August 17 Eriecho and Saddik released from Canamar Release
2262 August 18 Eriecho’s nightmare about Canamar Beats
2262 October 18 Eriecho and Saddik meet L’Cultura and also Enkir. Double Helix
2262 October 26 Eriecho and Sollastek talk while gardening The Mundane World
2262 October 26 Eriecho and Sollastek have their first date Recessive
2262 November 17 Conversation between Jack and Julie A Gathering
2262 November 22 Thanksgiving on Mars A Gathering
2263 March 17 Eriecho and Sollastek talk and also decide to marry. Recessive
2263 April 2 Spock asks Sarek about Sybok Across the Universe
2263 April 11 Sybok is removed from Nimbus III Across the Universe
2263 July 12 Sybok arrives on Mars Across the Universe
2263 July 15 Sybok and Eriecho meet Spock Prime Across the Universe
2263 unknown unknown Lilienne Melissa Beckett and Adam Daniels wed Play
2265 unknown unknown Douglas Malcolm Beckett (Hayes) and Penny Webb wed Play
2267 unknown unknown Crossover by Kirk, McCoy, Scotty, Uhura to mirror canon
 2267 unknown unknown T’Pring marries Stonn Destinations
2267 unknown unknown Travis ends up replacing Sulu Mirror Masquerade
2268 unknown unknown Empress Hoshi dies Temper
2268 unknown unknown Cynthia Reed is born Play

2270 AD – 2279 AD

Continued look at timeline 2100 to 2299.

2270 unknown unknown Births of Jason Daniels and also Steven Hayes. Play
2271 unknown unknown Stuart MacKenzie is born Play
2273 unknown unknown Birth of Lucy Kimura. Play
2274 unknown unknown Douglas Madden is born Play
2277 unknown unknown Sheilagh Reynolds is born Play
2278 unknown unknown Rick and Sika check on the Borg Pat the Bunny
2279 unknown unknown Astrid Madden is born Play

2280 AD – 2289 AD

More of timeline 2100 to 2299.

2280 unknown unknown Scott Reed and Hanna Richmond wed Play
2282 unknown unknown Eleanor Reed and Justin LaForge wed Play
2285 November 28 Makan and Monisha send Lennox to 2153 Concord
2289 unknown unknown William O’Connor is born Play

2290 AD – 2299 AD

Last part of timeline 2100 to 2299.

2290 unknown unknown Birth of Kyle Reed. Play
2291 unknown unknown Tina Reed is born Play
2295 unknown unknown Birth of Sandra Miller. Play
2297 unknown unknown Laura Cole is born Play
2299 unknown unknown Richard MacKenzie is born Play