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Star Trek fan fiction stories separate into an overall arc (such as the Mirror Universe or Alternate Timelines), generalized time periods (like In Between Days or Times of the HG Wells), major events (Hold Your Dominion), mysterious genre-crossing events (Interphases), the story of a species or hybridized species (Emergence or Mixing it Up) or even characters as I follow them (Eriecho or Barnstorming).

Major series also exist so as to give some coherence and give the reader some direction. Following IBD means you’re mostly within ENT. Following Barnstorming means you’re mostly in TNG, and following Hold Your Dominion means you’re mostly in DS9. Also, following Eriecho means you’re in the Kelvin timeline. Interphases, Emergence, and Mixing it Up, on the other hand, can be anywhere.

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Crossing Over

Several stories and characters shuttle between various arcs. Malcolm Reed, for example, Works

is a part of In Between Days (Intolerance, etc.), Times of the HG Wells (He Stays a Stranger, etc.), Interphases (Concord), and Emergence (Flight of the Bluebird). Wesley Crusher makes it into Interphases (Crackerjack, etc.) and Barnstorming (Overture, etc.). Gina Nolan steps into Hold Your Dominion and the Mirror Universe. Lili and Doug make an appearance in the Discovery Mirror Universe timeline (Inside Information).

Crossing over stories include A Single Step (IBD, ENT, and the TNG movie universe) and First Born (Hall of Mirrors and The Times of the HG Wells). Penicillin crosses between In Between Days and Interphases.

There will undoubtedly be more crossovers in the future. Not only are they fun, but they are also often almost necessary. This is because the time periods overlap a lot. Also, time travel means any time period can overlap with any other.

Each series exists under its own page. For stories which exist in more than one series, they are on all applicable pages. Stories have a chronological order, and not in the order in which I wrote them.

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