Mirror Universe Cast

Mirror Universe Cast

Lead Original Characters

Leonora (Norri) Digiorno – this character suffers a particularly senseless death in the MU; Doug Beckett; Pamela Hudson – in the Prime Universe, Pamela is a doctor. In the MU, she has a science background, but supplements it with other work. In Temper, she’s little more than a prostitute. In the HG Wells series, she is shown briefly as a pinup girl; Melissa Madden – this character has a tragic death in the MU; and Charlotte Lilienne (Lili) O’Day. In the Mirror, she does not survive past age nine.

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In Between Days Cast

Supporting Original Characters

Throwing Rocks at Looking Glass Houses

Emily Andreiou (Noomi Rapace); Emperor Phillip Green IV (Steven Rankin) and Meredith Porter.

Paving Stones Made From Good Intentions

Jeremiah Hayes (Steven Culp); Lena Hayes (Jennifer Garner)


Susan Cheshire; Jennifer Crossman; Brian Delacroix; Lucas Donnelly (Eric Stolz); Deborah Haddon; Christian Harris (Hunter Parrish); Aidan MacKenzie; Chandler (Chip) Masterson; Cyril Morgan; Shelby Pike; Frank Ramirez and Jose Torres.


Jeff Blalock (Denis Leary); Gary Hodgkins; Arashi Sato; Izo Mayweather Sato; Jun Daniels Sato; Kira (Kirin) MacKenzie Sato; Takara Masterson Sato; Takeo Masterson Sato; Ted Trinneer (Ryan Reynolds); and Betsy Tucker (Jennie Garth).


Ehigha Ejiogu (Richard Mofe-Damijo); Ken Masterson (Dennis Quaid)

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