Mirror Universe Cast

Mirror Universe Cast

The Mirror Universe cast look a lot like the prime universe cast, except …

Lead Original Characters

Leonora (Norri) Digiorno – this character suffers a particularly senseless death in the MU; Doug Beckett; Pamela Hudson – in the Prime Universe, Pamela is a doctor. However, in the MU, she has a science background, but supplements it with other work. In Temper, she’s little more than a prostitute. In the HG Wells series, I show her briefly as a pinup girl.

Melissa Madden – this character has a tragic death in the MU; and then there’s Charlotte Lilienne (Lili) O’Day. In the Mirror, she does not survive past age nine.

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Supporting Original Characters

Throwing Rocks at Looking Glass Houses

Emily Andreiou (Noomi Rapace); Emperor Phillip Green IV (Steven Rankin) and Meredith Porter.

Paving Stones Made From Good Intentions

Jeremiah Hayes (Steven Culp) and Lena Hayes (Jennifer Garner). They are the parents of J. Hayes’s counterpart, Doug Beckett.


The first three are Doug’s ex-girlfriends. They are: Susan Cheshire; Jennifer Crossman; and also Shelby Pike.

So the next group are some of Doug’s kills. They are: Brian Delacroix; Lucas Donnelly and also Deborah Haddon.

And then the final group are various crew members on the ISS Defiant. They are: Christian HarrisAidan MacKenzie; Chandler (Chip) Masterson; Cyril Morgan; ; Frank Ramirez and also Jose Torres.


So the first group are Empress Hoshi’s children. They are: Jun Daniels Sato; Kira (Kirin) MacKenzie SatoArashi SatoTakara Masterson Sato; Takeo Masterson Sato; and also Izo Mayweather Sato.

So the next two are sports broadcasters. They are Jeff Blalock (Denis Leary) and also Ted Trinneer (Ryan Reynolds).

And then there’s a crew member, Gary Hodgkins. And finally there’s a person on the surface of Mirror Lafa II, Betsy Tucker (Jennie Garth).


The first is another one of Doug’s kills, Ehigha Ejiogu (Richard Mofe-Damijo). The second is another person on the surface of Mirror Lafa II, Ken Masterson (Dennis Quaid).

The Mirror Universe cast has a high body count. But that makes sense, given the violence there.