Portrait of a Character – Christian Harris

Portrait of a Character – Christian Harris

Christian Harris is a hero.


In order to cover a fuller spectrum of sexuality, I decided to bring in someone who would be on the asexuality end of things. When I first wrote Doug, there was an early victim named Harris. Plus I needed an extra pilot for the E2 timeline, as Melissa isn’t a part of those stories. And so Chris was born.


Chris is played by actor Hunter Parrish. I really liked the idea of a good-looking guy who would have no interest in anyone.

Portrait of a Character – Christian Harris

Hunter Parrish as Christian Harris

I like that this is a young actor trying to take some risks with his career. Being a part of a show about dope dealing is sure to offend someone. But it does not seem to have made an affect on Parrish’s career or his appeal.


Portrait of a Character – Christian Harris

Hunter Parrish as Christian Harris

Pleasant but kind of aloof, Chris is more of a background player than almost anything else. He fills in when others, such as Travis Mayweather, are ill.

He is somewhat self-sacrificing, and is well-aware, particularly during the E2 timeline, that a guy like him is somewhat valuable. After all, as a guy not interested in any of the limited women on board, he’s not a threat. As a skilled pilot, he’s in some demand. When suicide missions are on the table (in both timelines), he’s selected to go. He doesn’t object to this.


Chris has no known relationships, in any timeline or universe.

Mirror Universe

The Mirror version of Chris, also asexual, is Doug’s second victim, killed by an illegal below the belt hit during an impromptu boxing match.  I barely show him, and he does not speak.

Portrait of a Character – Christian Harris

Mirror Chris (Hunter Parrish)


“Next wannabe pilot!”


I really never got a chance to give Chris a lot of depth, although I’d like to. He’s one of those characters that hides from the writer.

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