Star Trek Enterprise Fan Fiction Disclaimer

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So thank you for the sandbox to play in. Also, thank you for anyone and everyone who reads or comments or reviews. You are all fans. Yes, really! Love TOS only? Fan. Love DSC only? Fan. Love only half an episode of TAS? Of course you’re a fan, too. Because anyone who enjoys anything Star Trek is a fan. And anyone who disagrees is being silly and also overly pedantic even under the best of circumstances. Seriously, gatekeeping is for the birds. It’s wrong and it’s also toxic and God knows it’s unwelcoming.

So love Star Trek the way you would love anything or anyone. Be as passionate or not as you desire. Be as silly or as serious as you want to be. This is because there is no “right” way to love not only Star Trek but anything or anyone. Of course abuse and neglect are the exceptions and for good reason. But if you nitpick every facet? Right on. You just go along for the roller coaster ride? Then more power to you as well. You do you. Because it’s all good.