Recipe for Kiwi Salsa

Recipe for Kiwi Salsa

Kiwi Salsa? But what the heck is a recipe for kiwi salsa doing in, of all things, a Star Trek fan fiction writing blog?

And so the truth is, I love the stuff. So at the time that I started this blog, I was making a ton of it. I really should go back to making it, I think. And so now, without further ado, is the recipe.


Recipe for Kiwi Salsa

First of all, peel and chop 6 kiwis, a fistful of fresh cilantro (wash it well!), 2 medium to large-sized Vidalia onions and 3 medium to large-sized tomatoes, plus 6 large green chilies. Add a spritz (maybe a half a teaspoon?) of lime juice and a dash (teaspoon?) of salt (I prefer Kosher salt but regular is fine). Mix well and refrigerate, preferably overnight.

Serve with chips and other Mexican-type food… items. I have found it to be great on grilled fish or chicken in particular. This recipe fills 2 decent-sized Tupperware containers and it lasts for a week if it is kept refrigerated.


We usually do not have big tomatoes that haven’t been claimed for salad so most of the time I will use 2 cans of low sodium chopped tomatoes.

  • Do you want it hotter? Keep the seeds and ribs with the chilies. Do you want the salsa to be milder? Then make sure to discard the seeds and ribs.
  • So what if you don’t have any Vidalia onions? White onions will work almost as well.
  • So you do not have any lime juice? No worries. Lemon juice is a decent substitute.
  • However, what happens if you do not have any kiwis on hand? Well, you can’t really call it Kiwi Salsa. I have tried mangoes, which are okay, and pears, which are meh.

Courtesy of Ad Astra writer Borg Dominant.