In Between Days Cast

In Between Days Cast

The In Between Days cast are such fun to write.

Lead Original Characters in the In Between Days Cast

Leonora (Norri) Digiorno – the character is gay, and also represents the more literary side of not just me, but life in general. She’s also much more of a book-reader than most. Doug Beckett – Doug is driven by primal needs and also has a lot of trouble expressing himself verbally. So he’s very much an action character.

Pamela Hudson – Pamela is the pure id. So I thought her up while listening to Amy Winehouse’s You Know I’m No Good) and the character refused to leave. She is a physician who must heal herself.

Melissa Madden – as a living embodiment of the dichotomy between day and night, Melissa is bisexual. She’s also (despite being a pilot) the most down to earth of the main characters. Charlotte Lilienne (Lili) O’Day – Lili is me in a lot of ways, and also not. At the start of Reversal, she is a woman down to her last chances, and also very shut off from others. She represents fire and also is often called the white-hot flame.

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In Between Days Cast

Supporting Original Characters in the In Between Days Cast

Detroit Rock City

So they are Dave (no last name) (Javier Bardem) and also Lakeisha (no last name) (Viola Davis). Plus Ogden (no last name) (Ian Gomez); and also Phyllis (no last name) (Arlene Martel).

Conversations With Heroes

Carlos Castillo (Javier Bardem).

The Light

So these characters are Rabbi Leah BensonKarin BernsteinAzar HamidiAndrew MillerJosh RosenEthan Shapiro; and also Linda Orenstein Shapiro.

An Announcement

These characters are Alexander Digiorno (Matt Lanter); Belinda Digiorno (Olympia Dukakis); Dino Digiorno (Dean Butler); and also Philip Digiorno (Nicholas Brendon).


Jennifer CrossmanBrian DelacroixDeborah Haddon; also Aidan MacKenzie. And also Chandler (Chip) MastersonCyril MorganShelby Pike; and also Frank Ramirez.


Blair ClaymoreGary Hodgkins; also Bernardine Keating-Fong. And also An NguyenWill OwenEmily Stone (Melissa George); and also Mark Stone.


Claire Crossman (Bryce Dallas Howard); Eleanor CrossmanLaura Hayes, Esq.; Paul Mayer (Zac Efron); and also Gina Stone (Abigail Breslin); and Lucy Stone.


Allison (no last name) (Kara Zediker); Tina April (Amy Smart); Jeff Blalock (Denis Leary); Susan CheshireTristan Curtis; and also David Ryan, Sr. (Jason Segel).

Arashi SatoIzo Mayweather SatoJun Daniels SatoKira (Kirin) MacKenzie SatoTakara Masterson Sato; and also Takeo Masterson Sato. Ted Trinneer (Ryan Reynolds); Betsy Tucker (Jennie Garth); and also Charles Tucker IV (Charlie).

Shell Shock

Josef Kastle (Matthew Modine); Dash Nolan; and also Judge Ladonna Shepherd (Viola Davis).

Day of the Dead

Stanislaus Kuzawa (Dragos Bucur);  Tony Martinelli (Christian Slater); Sargeant Randall McCoy (Tom Berenger); Brendan O’Shaughnessy (Matt Damon); and also Herbie Shapiro.


Jay Hayes Beckett (Daniel Henney); Jeremiah Logan (Joss) BeckettJia Sulu BeckettMarie Patrice Beckett; and also Cynthia Brennan (Virginia Madsen). Marcus Brody (Jade Carter); Susan Delacroix (Mia Wasikowska); Neil Digiorno-MaddenThomas Digiorno-Madden; and also Lucas Donnelly.

Ehigha Ejiogu (Richard Mofe-Damijo); Emperor Phillip Green IV (Steven Rankin); Christian Harris (Hunter Parrish); Jeremiah Hayes; and also Lena Hayes (Jennifer Garner).

Diana Jones; Brigid Kelly (Maureen O’Hara); John Kelly (John M. Jackson); Jennifer Leonora Madden (Jenny Lee) (Mana Ashida); and also Mahmout (no last name) (Michael Jai White). Kelly Masterson (Olivia Wilde); Ken Masterson (Dennis Quaid); Ellen Mayweather (Jennifer Hudson); and also Henry Mercer (Nicolas Duvauchelle).

Cindy Morgan (Elle Fanning); Penda (Viola Davis); Ines Ramirez (America Ferrera); Declan Reed; Peter Matthew Reed (Chord Overstreet); Stuart Thomas Reed (Kellan Lutz); Rebecca Shapiro Reed (Rachel Weisz); Alia Shapiro (Miley Cyrus); Geming Sulu (Jet Li); Jose Torres; and also Badawi Uhura (JR Martinez).

Saturn Rise

Linda Morgan Hudson (Julie Christie); Edward Schiller (Dawson Dunbar); Lisa Hudson Schiller (Amy Davidson); Louise Schiller (Mackenzie Foy); Robert Schiller (Patrick Dempsey); and Mai Sulu (Faye Wong).

Take Back the Night

Ben Collins (Michael Rapaport); Hamilton Roget; Mike Tate (Michael Jai White); and also Stacey Young (Rashida Jones).

There’s Something Else About Hoshi

So they are Takashi Kimura (Ninomiya Kazunari); Toru Kimura (Rick Yune); and also Yoshiko Kimura (Nakagoshi Noriko). Trea Aqili (Zhang Ziyi); Trea Hoshi (Zhang Ziyi); and also Trea Mirana (Zhang Ziyi).

Bit Parts, References and Uncast Characters in the In Between Days Cast

Also, plenty of names are mentioned in quick passing, and are just listed here, with their origination stories.

Letters from Home

James Grayson.

The Light

Murray Orenstein, Rachel Orenstein, and also Stewart Orenstein.


Lilienne Ducasse, Richard Ducasse, Ty Janeway, Kathy Norris, and also Declan O’Day (II). Marie Helene Ducasse O’Day, Peter O’Day, and also Darareaksmey Preap.


Tanya Chekhov, Henry (no last name), Edward Hudson, and also Annie Sisko.


Ian Kelly, Marilyn Madden, Meghan Madden, Miri Madden, Misty Madden, and also Monica Madden. Robin McKenzie, Paris (no first name), Alejandro Ramirez, and also Ana Ramirez.


Alejandro (no last name), Aditya Balakrishnan, Craig Curtis, and also David (no last name). Darareaksmey (no last name), Alan Foster, Gary (no last name), Madeline (no last name), and also Marshall (no last name). Trent “Miracle Worker” McCoy, Charlotte O’Day, and also Declan O’Day (I). Lefty Robinson and also David Ryan, Jr. (Davey), Jimmy Scott, and also Susan (no last name).


Douglas Malcolm Beckett, Lilienne Melissa Beckett, and also Shaoquing Beckett. Beth (no last name), Carol (no last name), Christine Chalmers, and also (no first name) Culp. Also Donald Ellison, Wes Goddard, Rodney Hamilton, and also Ian Landry. Lloyd (no first name), Martin Kevin Madden, Kevin Madden-Beckett, and also Wesley Masterson. Tim Randall, Charles Malcolm Reed, Evan Sorian, Wil Troi, and also Winston (no first name).