Portrait of a Character – Laura Hayes

Portrait of a Character – Laura Hayes


At the end of Reversal, Doug tells Lili that Jay had a sister. In order to keep that sister, Laura, from just stumbling across a news story about him, Doug rather sensitively decides to change his surname to Beckett. This is also a symbol of Doug’s commitment to our universe, and to Lili, and to leaving his old life behind as he never intends to return to the Mirror. And so Laura was born.


Laura is played by veteran soap actress Robin Strasser.

Portrait of a Character – Laura Hayes

Robin Strasser as Laura Hayes

This actress has always seemed very smart to me (although the character she plays is rather ruthless, and Laura is not). I can see her playing an attorney attached to various diplomatic missions.


Very smart and organized, Laura is, as she says to Lili in Together, “not the marrying kind”. Her work takes her to various diplomatic situations. In Achieving Peace, she works for the Andorian ambassador, T’Therin, and they are both present when the treaty with the Romulans is signed, thereby ending the Federation-Romulan War, in 2160. Ambassador Soval is also there, as is the Xindi ambassador, a sloth woman named Chara Sika.

By the time of Fortune, she has become a judge, and she officiates at Malcolm and Lili’s wedding.

During the E2 kick backs in time, Jay and Lili consider naming their first child after her, if they have a daughter. But they have a son instead, Jeremiah Logan, and so none of their children are named Laura Jayne. At the end of Everybody Knows This is Nowhere, it is revealed that she is working for the law firm of Koenig & Brooks, a firm that shows up, much later in the timeline, as being the firm employing Darragh Stratton Yarin’s divorce attorney in Shake Your Body.


Laura has no known relationships.

Mirror Universe

Doug never had a sister, and so Laura does not have a counterpart in the Mirror Universe.


“I am, I know it’s impossible. But I could swear that you were my brother’s doppelganger. Although perhaps you’re aged forward in time a year or so. Jay died in 2153. Six years ago. At least our parents didn’t survive to see that.”


Smart and capable, I haven’t found a lot for Laura to do yet. She’s mentioned in passing whenever someone needs a lawyer (Doug briefly mentions her when Malcolm is in legal trouble during Shell Shock), but there aren’t a lot of occasions when Laura is really showcased. I suppose if I write more legally-centric stories, she might have an occasion to shine.

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