Timeline 3000 to End

Timeline 3000 to End

3000 AD – 3099 AD


Year Month Day Event Story
3039 April 12 Kevin is born A Long, Long Time Ago
3043 unknown unknown Milton is born He Stays a Stranger
3044 September 2 Steven is born Ohio
3054 unknown unknown Dan is born Where the Wind
3058 November 16 Polly is born A Long, Long Time Ago
3062 September 19 Sheilagh is born A Long, Long Time Ago
3063 December 16 Boris is born Shake Your Body
3065 March 16 Otra is born You Mixed-Up Siciliano
3067 June 4 Carmen is born A Long, Long Time Ago
3069 February 3 Richard is born Temper
3069 unknown unknown Otra is less than cooperative Desperation
3070 June 17 Tom is born Ohio
3083 unknown unknown Anthony Parker is born You Mixed-Up Siciliano
3084 May 12 Levi is born Ohio
3084 unknown unknown Dan starts working for Section 31 Where the Wind
3087 unknown unknown Telatharia is recruited by Section 31 Recruitment
3087 unknown unknown Zach abandons his family Ohio
3088 September 2 HD is born A Long, Long Time Ago
3088 December 18 Kevin and Josie meet at a party The Point
3088 December 21 Kevin and Josie’s first date The Honky Tonk Angel
3090 June 17 Tom joins the armed forces Ohio
3092 May 25 Kevin and Josie marry The Point
3096 unknown unknown Rick starts working for the TIC A Long, Long Time Ago
3096 unknown unknown Rick is briefed for his first assignment, on the NX-01 Briefing
3097 unknown unknown Rick retrieves boots from this time and sends them to Craig Willets in 2151 November 13th
3098 December 4 Richard logs about Lili The Three of Us
3098 unknown unknown Richard gets various calls from the first throwback The Three of Us
3099 January 5 Otra & Levi present a paper on Otric Theory Multiverse II
3099 January 14 Richard helps interview Levi and Otra Everybody Knows
3099 December 31 Rick heads to Boston to escort a historian observing reactions to the Y2K bug Stocking Stuffers 2013 (Auld Lang Syne)
3099 unknown unknown Kevin & Josie go to Umbriel on vacation Temper
3099 unknown unknown Otra & Levi start working for the TIC You Mixed-Up Siciliano
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Colony Alien Branch Borodin in Human Form

3100 AD – 3199 AD

Year Month Day Event Story
3100 January 14 Josie receives a diagnosis of Piaris Syndrome A Long, Long Time Ago
3100 unknown unknown The Audrey I is built A Long, Long Time Ago
3101 February 12 Crystal gives Rick a haircut in preparation for his Pennsylvania mission Preparations
3101 unknown unknown Rick has a mission to Pennsylvania & seduces Lucretia Crossman/The HG Wells and Flux Capacitor are built A Long, Long Time Ago
3101 unknown unknown Rick’s mission to the Enterprise-E and Dana MacKenzie Time Out
3102 December 4 Richard logs about Lili Everybody Knows
3102 unknown unknown Rick and Kalothin try to go to 1616 Padua, but end up in 1417 Cordoba instead, and Rick meets Irene Marvels
3103 unknown unknown Brinka is born, & dies You Mixed-Up Siciliano
3104 April 17 Richard’s mission to MU Terra Pat the Bunny
3104 May 5 Rick & Carmen hook up Spring Thaw
3105 unknown unknown Richard gets a promotion to Senior Temporal Agent. The Jack Finney is built. A Long, Long Time Ago
3106 unknown unknown Polly presents an award for technical achievement at the Film Society awards A Long, Long Time Ago
3108 May 4 Kevin and Josie renew their vows on Tandar Prime Where the Wind
3108 May 4 Kevin recalls that Josie has only 6 months to live Candy
3108 December 29 Josie dies A Long, Long Time Ago
3109 January 4 Eleanor lectures about the Mirror and offers to introduce Richard to Tina A Lesson
3109 March 27 Richard visits the museum (1000 years since Lili’s birth) Temper
3109 August 12 Carmen gets permission to add 10 new employees A Long, Long Time Ago
3109 August 17 Carmen interviews Polly A Long, Long Time Ago
3109 August 25 Group interview/Helen goes to Iowa/Rick heads to Iowa A Long, Long Time Ago
3109 August unknown Crystal is hired A Long, Long Time Ago
3109 September 2 Steven’s 65th birthday party Ohio
3109 September 5 Rick returns to work/Sheilagh & Tom’s surgeries Ohio
3109 September 6 and 7 Rick & Sheilagh go to Kent State Ohio
3109 September 9 Report on Bogota mission dictated Multiverse II
3109 October 10 The department goes to X Factor/Tom & Eleanor meet Ohio
3109 October 13 Meeting about the death of the Perfectionists operative, Anthony Parker Ohio
3109 October 14 Second meeting about Parker You Mixed-Up Siciliano
3109 October 15 Otra kidnapped You Mixed-Up Siciliano
3109 November 12 Kevin and Crystal go to lunch and end up nowhere Storm Clouds
3109 unknown unknown The Audrey II is built & finished A Long, Long Time Ago
3110 January 14 Rick and Sheilagh return from the Delta Quadrant Another Piece of the Action
3110 March 27 Perfectionists meeting about Prague Spring Spring Thaw
3110 March 27 Rick dictates a log entry about Milena and his other conquests Souvenirs
3110 March 28 Warp Four ships/Suliban first contact Spring Thaw
3110 April unknown Sheilagh’s hard deadline for leaving You Mixed-Up Siciliano
3110 May 3 Dan goes to OK City & kills McVeigh & Nichols Where the Wind
3110 May 4 Missions to OKC, Greenville & Manila Where the Wind
3110 August unknown Otra, Levi and Branch are tapped to save the multiverse Multiverse II
3110 August 8 Dan helps Donald breach security on the Master time file/Meatless Fridays for believers/Rick calls Tina & is rebuffed again The Point
3110 August 8 Boris kills Marisol and also dies/Branch shows itself/Dan kills himself Shake Your Body
3110 August 8 The Varg-i-yeh attack He Stays a Stranger
3110 August 8 The department goes to the Tethys Taven It’s Not Really a Reset if you remember it
3110 August unknown Everyone briefly becomes temporally paradoxical except for Rick, Kevin and Boris Multiverse II
3110 September 2 Levi makes multidimensional pumpkin pie #49 for all The Sweetest Universe
3111 January 1 HD and Sheilagh celebrate New Year’s and other holidays together for the first time/Carmen and Levi are briefly temporally interphased Happy Stuff 3111/Calendar Turning Event #3111
3111 Februuary 11 Otra’s vision holds her captive Mirror Masquerade
3111 April 23 Levi brings Otra home to meet his mother, Marci Meeting of the Minds

3200 AD – 3299 AD

Year Month Day Event Story
3202 December 3 Richard’s log entry Everybody Knows

3300 AD – deeper future

There is very little information although Richard Daniels reports, during More, More, More! that Captain Kerig of the Enterprise launches a suicidal attack on the Borg (probably during the 2800s) and that the Borg will not bother the Federation at least into about 3800 AD, although Daniels admits the success of Kerig’s mission is only a guarantee in about 85% of all possible scenarios.

Branch on the Timeline 3000 – beyond

In He Stays a Stranger, in 4110, the docent at the Temporal Museum on Lafa II, Branch Borodin, reports on the sole occasion when humans were able to effect a megaotric change, which happened in 3110.

At this point, I don’t have any plans to write any later into the future, as it’s difficult to figure out where it might all go without simply deviating so far from canon that stories are thoroughly unrecognizable as Trek.