Portrait of a Character – Deborah Haddon

Portrait of a Character – Deborah Haddon

Deborah Haddon started off as something of a Star Trek: Enterprise fanfiction red shirt character, but she grew on me, so she became more.


While writing Reversal, I needed a female Security crewman who could handle both erotic scenes and provide muscle as needed. Hence Deb was born.


Portrait of a Character – Deborah Haddon
Katee Sackhoff

Deborah is tough and tough-minded, but has a softer side, so Katee Sackhoff was a logical choice. I particularly like her no-nonsense look, plus of course she has serious sci-fi cred, having been in Battlestar Galactica.

She also needed to be someone who could clean up well and, at times, appear very vulnerable and feminine.

The look is, to me, believable.


Portrait of a Character – Deborah Haddon
This beautiful manip was done by unusualsuspex –
Please check him out. He does wonderful work. My thanks go out to him.

Deborah spends much of her time standing guard, so her mind wanders. In our universe, this means her thoughts are directed, more and more often to Captain Archer, on whom she develops a raging crush, described in both Together and in the alternate timeline story, The Black Widow.

This brings out some of her vulnerability and longing. As a person who mainly stands in the back and watches the rest of the crew working, she is longing to be a part of things.


Portrait of a Character – Deborah Haddon
Katee Sackhoff (dressed up)

Once her wrong-headed pairing in Together is finished, Deb is approached by someone she might not have expected to be interested, Chip Masterson. This relationship continues through to Fortune, where it is revealed that it has resulted in a marriage and a child, Kenneth. Her descendants eventually include Richard and Eleanor Daniels and their mother, Chloe Masterson Daniels.

She ends up with Chip during the E2 stories as well.

Mirror Universe

Deb dies like a redshirt in the mirror universe, succumbing during Reversal, after a  short fling with Aidan MacKenzie.


“Security. I’m wily like a cat.”


Smart and tough, Deb can defeat most opponents with guile or strength or both. Call her Debbie at your peril.

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