Progress Report – August 2013

August 2013 was busy.

August 2013 Posted Works

I continued adding to Multiverse II on Ad Astra. Barking up the Muse Tree | Janet Gershen-Siegel | jespah | Quill | August 2013

In response to the blog prompts, I added extra blog postings. In response to the sexy times prompt, I added a preview of the first Barnstorming story, Chapter 20 of The All-Stars, and called it Staying. I added a sequel to There’s Something About Hoshi, called There’s Something Else About Hoshi, and I added it to In Between Days context. In order to add a little more IDIC, I posted The Way to a Man’s Heart.

To add to In Between Days post-Doug, I added Finnan Haddie. Flip was a response to a prompt about food (and the title is a play on Reversal). Gremlins was about breaking down. I placed all of these into context.

For the Steal All the Toys challenge, I did some writing (shh, no spoilers!).

On, I added The Facts, Biases, Consider the Lilies of the Field, The Pivot Point, Half, There’s Something Else About Hoshi, The Way to a Man’s Heart, Equinox and The Rite.


Individual Read Counts

For individual read counts, the following stories have 10,000 or more on one URL –

All of these happened on Ad Astra.

More Accomplishments

The following stories have between 5,000 and 9,999 reads on one URL –

Again, these numbers are all coming from Ad Astra. More than a Will to Live is closest to 10,000 of this group.

Combined Read Counts

Also, the following had combined read counts of 10,000 or more, in addition to the above which accomplished that feat on just one URL:

  • Intolerance

So apart from the others at over 5,000 reads for just one URL, the following combine to 5,000 – 9,999 reads when you consider all of the postings’ URLs –

WIP Corner

I continued to work on The All-Stars, and completed a first draft. I started on the second planned story in the series, called Play. In addition, I continued adding to the Star Trek Expanded Universes Wiki, and I feel it is helping a bit with promoting my work.

Prep Work

Most noteworthy, Ad Astra added a book club, Boldly Reading, and a blog to go with it. Miranda Fave and I were put in charge of it, and I was made a Deputy Archivist (jg) for my efforts, which was grand.

I split the Timeline into two pieces as it had gotten truly unwieldy. So I will probably split it a few more times.

This Month’s Productivity Killers

Boldly Reading made me suddenly very, very busy. Because everybody wants a review for their work! Which is terrific, but we had ramp-up time. Hence things were a bit pleasantly chaotic.

Finally, I was also, again, dealing with both looking for work and family/personal issues, which sometimes caused writer’s block. There was a lot on my plate!

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