Timeline to 2099

Timeline to 2099


Timeline to 2099

Prehistoric cave painting

Year Month Day Event Story
-12000 unknown unknown 12,000 – 10,000 BC is the approximate time of the speciation event that separates silver (our) Calafans from copper (mirror) Calafans You Mixed-Up Siciliano
-450 unknown unknown 450 – 400 BC is the approximate time of the genetic mutation that causes the mirror universe to diverge from ours & creates the Y Chromosome Skew. Ohio
-450 unknown unknown Rick goes to the Roman Republic & meets Marcus Titinius, the original bearer of the skew Spring Thaw
-44 March 15 Rick witnesses Julius Caesar’s assassination earlier mission
Timeline to 2099

Bayeux tapestry

1 AD – 1000 AD

Year Month Day Event Story
79 August 24 Rick’s mission to Pompeii Entanglements
588 unknown unknown St. Eligius is born in Gaul true history

1001 AD – 1899 AD

Timeline to 2099

1775 money (Virginia colony)

Year Month Day Event Story
1417 unknown unknown Rick ends up in Cordoba in error/Rick hooks up with Irene of Castile Marvels/Where the Wind
1643 unknown unknown Original Kreesta game/battle/banquet Play
1699 unknown unknown Rick’s mission in Pennsylvania for William Penn/he seduces Lucretia Crossman November 13th>
1757 unknown unknown French and Indian War mission whereby Washington & Lafayette have a falling out earlier mission
1775 April 19 Battles of Lexington and Concord/Malcolm arrives via temporal interphase Concord
1775 April 20 Malcolm writes in a diary Concord
1775 May 5 Jacob writes to Charlotte Concord
1775 May 12 Malcolm awaits rescue/Malcolm and Lennox engage the mini-transceiver/Malcolm and Lennox are retrieved Concord
Timeline to 2099

Elvis Presley in Jailhouse Rock (1957)

1900 AD – 1999 AD

Year Month Day Event Story
1920 unknown unknown Rosemary Parker is born Crackerjack
1928 July 2 Milena is born Spring Thaw
1929 unknown unknown Betty Tyler threatens suicide after Rick seduces her earlier mission
1930 unknown unknown Noemy is born Spring Thaw
1941 August 31 Wesley and Geordi land in 1941 Crackerjack
1941 September 1 Wesley and Geordi attend a baseball game Crackerjack
1945 April 29 Dachau is liberated/Tripp Tucker witnesses that and meets the Chelenskas Day of the Dead
1957 October 4 Sputnik is launched, thereby ushering in the Space Age A Long, Long Time Ago
1957 October 21 First casualty of the Vietnam War Shake Your Body
1959 February 3 Plane crash kills Valens, Holly & Richardson A Long, Long Time Ago
1960 May 29 Rick & Sheilagh go to Italy on vacation You Mixed-Up Siciliano
1960 June 2 Christopher Donnelly & Angela Libertini are infected with Ebola You Mixed-Up Siciliano
1960 June 9 Christopher Donnelly & Angela Libertini die of Ebola You Mixed-Up Siciliano
1961 April 12 Yuri Gagarin first man in space true history
1963 April 22 Rosemary Parker Warren is arrested with Martin Luther King in Birmingham, Alabama Play
1968 August 10 Mrs. Klinghofer dies Spring Thaw
1968 August 21 Prague Spring ends true history
1969 July 20 Lunar landing true history
1969 July 20 Milena dies in the original history He Stays a Stranger
1969 unknown unknown Berlin Wall comes down Spring Thaw
1970 May 4 Kent State Massacre Ohio
1973 unknown unknown Dark Side of the Moon released Spring Thaw
1974 unknown unknown Millions of head of cattle killed to prevent the spread of Mad Cow You Mixed-Up Siciliano
1977 October 20 Members of Lynyrd Skynyrd are killed in a plane crash Where the Wind
1977 unknown unknown ARCNET released Spring Thaw
1978 February 18 Milena Balcescu born Where the Wind
1980 December 8 John Lennon shot & killed You Mixed-Up Siciliano
1981 October 6 Anwar Sadat killed The Point
1982 unknown unknown Cheap oil floods the marketplace and conservation ends, thereby increasing levels of pollution. The Suliban are somehow involved, so First Contact has happened far too early The Point
1983 August 21 Benigno Aquino assassinated Where the Wind
1986 January 28 Challenger explosion Shake Your Body
1986 July 24 First Contact with the Trill Shake Your Body
1989 March unknown The Worldwide web is invented Spring Thaw
1989 November 9 Berlin Wall comes down Spring Thaw
1992 unknown unknown Verinold is born Everybody Knows
1995 April 16 Nichols & McVeigh drive getaway car to OKC/Dan’s Perfs mission. Where the Wind
1995 April 19 Oklahoma City bombing Where the Wind
1997 unknown unknown The bombing of Bangkok finally ends the Southeast Asian War Shake Your Body
1998 September 4 Google founded true history
1999 December 31 Rick’s mission to escort a historian to Boston and observe methods to combat the Y2K bug Stocking Stuffers 2013 (Auld Lang Syne)

2000 AD – 2099 AD

Timeline to 2099

Space Shuttle Endeavor

Year Month Day Event Story
2005 unknown unknown Leland Loomis claims to be sane Detroit Rock City
2008 unknown unknown Ebrona is born The Three of Us
2008 unknown unknown Esilia is born Everybody Knows
2010 April 20 Deepwater Horizon platform explodes true history
2012 November 3 Borg are defeated in the MU Pat the Bunny
2014 unknown unknown Sadat is assassinated at a state dinner The Point
2015 unknown unknown Windy retires from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Ohio
2015 unknown unknown Donald Janeway is born Multiverse II
2016 unknown unknown Freddie Mercury dies in a car crash You Mixed-Up Siciliano
2026 unknown unknown Allison Krause dies/Tom & Kevin go on a training run to watch Phillip Green start World War III Ohio
2026 unknown unknown The resurgence of free love You Mixed-Up Siciliano
2029 unknown unknown Rachel Orenstein is born The Light
2030 unknown unknown Soval is born canon
2031 unknown unknown Rita is born Multiverse II
2034 unknown unknown Warp Drive Invented by Khan Noonien Singh/Grand Unification of Faiths The Point
2037 April 11 Throw back in time (January 17, 2154) Reflections
2037 April 13 Second log entry/the women are rated (January 19, 2154) Reflections
2037 April 14 Third log entry/Archer says it’ll be a generational ship (January 20, 2154) Reflections
2037 April 19 First known date (January 25, 2154) Reflections
2037 April 27 Sandra’s note announcing her business venture Supply and Demand
2037 May 3 Mardi Gras party/NX-01 engages the Tellarites Reflections
2037 June 17 Archer decides they need a planet Reflections
2037 June 21 T’Pol is concerned about Porthos Worry
2037 July 14 Second throw back Everybody Knows
2037 July 15 Chang rates the women Everybody Knows
2037 July 16 Craig joins Food Service Everybody Knows
2037 July 23 Captain and others tell the assailants about the trial Everybody Knows
2037 July 24 Crew is told about the trial Everybody Knows
2037 August 12 First party (beach, on NX-01) Everybody Knows
2037 August 14 Planet is investigated for agriculture and habitation Reflections
2037 August 20 Swimming party Reflections
2037 August 29 Tree planting ceremony Reflections
2037 August 30 Chang propositions T’Pol/Jay asks Lili to Movie Night/Sandra reveals a prejudiced background Everybody Knows
2037 September 2 Esilia takes off/Malcolm and Lili hook up Everybody Knows
2037 September 2 Malcolm turns 42 in the new reality Reflections
2037 September 3 Malcolm tells Lili he’s falling for her/Esilia and Kerna are rescued/Malcolm, Jay, Brooks and Chris go on a fatal mission Everybody Knows
2037 September 4 Other Ikaarans rescued Everybody Knows
2037 September 5 Big beasts are first seen Reflections
2037 September 5 Memorial service for Malcolm, Jay, Chris and Brooks/Verinold and Lemnestra reveal they don’t trust Esilia Everybody Knows
2037 September 6 Chess tournament/Malcolm’s humiliation at the hands of Sandra/Tripp pops the question and T’Pol accepts Reflections
2037 September 7 Sexual harassment protocol Reflections
2037 September 8 Sexual harassment meetings Reflections
2037 September 12 Gold is found/Judy and Michael announce they’re getting married Reflections
2037 September 13 Aidan asks Jenny to move in with him Reflections
2037 September 20 Judy and Michael wed Reflections
2037 October 4 Jenny and Aidan wed/Will asks to go hunting on Amity Everybody Knows
2037 October 20 Tripp and T’Pol’s wedding announced/Jonathan admits to Phlox that he’s depressed Entanglements
2037 October 21 Lili gets a physical Entanglements
2037 October 22 Encounter with Xindi sloths Entanglements
2037 October 27 Tripp and T’Pol’s wedding Entanglements
2037 October 28 Karin and Josh’s engagement announced Entanglements
2037 November 2 Chef Will Slocum dies on a hunting trip/Lili goes to Malcolm and Jay’s quarters/Lili is promoted to Lt. Cmdr/Brian and Craig are promoted to Ensigns Everybody Knows
2037 November 18 Karin and Josh’s wedding Entanglements
2037 November 19 Tracey’s pregnancy discovered/Sandra humiliates Ethan Entanglements
2037 November 23 Procul and malostrea first closely observed, named Entanglements
2037 November 25 Thanksgiving/Frank Todd comes out Entanglements
2037 November 27 Xindi depart Entanglements
2037 November 28 Procul hunt Entanglements
2037 December 1 Death of Dan Chang/Death of Porthos Everybody Knows
2037 December 25 Decision made to go to Earth/Lili gets Jay’s WWIII general’s uni for the trip Everybody Knows
2037 December 25 Diana comes out to Jonathan Entanglements
2037 December 31 Scrabble Entanglements
2038 January 1 Ethan’s suicidal thoughts revealed Entanglements
2038 February 17 Mission to Earth/Verinold goes on trial Everybody Knows
2038 February 18 Phnom Penh market Everybody Knows
2038 March 27 Lili’s 46th birthday/Ethan attempts suicide/Sandra taken into custody Entanglements
2038 March 28 Investigation into how Ethan overrode alarms Entanglements
2038 April 19 Thing One and Thing Two released Entanglements
2038 May 4 José asks Lili out, which panics her/Procul captured for herding/Thing One and Thing Two observe capture of procul Everybody Knows
2038 August 12 Amanda Tiburón born/Ethan begins to waken/Sandra agrees to be treated/Shelby and Andrew wed Entanglements
2038 August 15 Ethan more fully wakens Entanglements
2038 August 31 Jenny and Aidan wed Entanglements
2038 September 18 Baseball preparations/Valleri Rostov is born The Three of Us
2038 September 30 Baseball game The Three of Us
2038 October 1 Phlox gives Maryam an answer The Three of Us
2038 October 9 Maryam and Azar wed The Three of Us
2038 October 25 Promotions The Three of Us
2038 November 5 Riot in the Observation Lounge The Three of Us
2038 November 5 Steven MacKenzie born Everybody Knows
2038 November 6 Sandra tells Jonathan about her business The Three of Us
2038 November 21 Ethan starts to walk again/Will makes a play for Lili The Three of Us
2038 November 22 Meeting about Sandra The Three of Us
2038 December 25 Encounter with male Ikaarans The Three of Us
2038 December 31 Nan asks Ramih about Islam The Three of Us
2039 June 4 John Phlox is born The Three of Us
2039 June 23 Mara’s baby is found to be Walter’s and not Robert’s The Three of Us
2039 August 11 Mara and Robert divorce The Three of Us
2039 August 29 File about Lili and Patti comes to light The Three of Us
2039 September 2 Malcolm turns 44/Patti is assaulted/Lili finds the graffiti The Three of Us
2039 September 3 Investigations begin The Three of Us
2039 September 14 Jonathan takes out Lili/Lili and Jay are kidnapped The Three of Us
2039 September 20 Fate of Xindi sloth captains learned/Ikaaran mining disaster/Lemnestra and Kelsey start dating/Revealed that Insectoids are allied with the Imvari Everybody Knows
2039 October 8 Jay and Lili are rescued/Gary Hodgkins dies The Three of Us
2039 October 12 Malcolm and Lili kiss The Three of Us
2039 October 13 Jay and Lili kiss/Craig disciplined for the graffiti The Three of Us
2039 October 14 Ethan can talk again, thanks to the Ikaarans/Jay, Malcolm and Lili talk The Three of Us
2039 October 15 Sting operation captures most of Patti’s assailants The Three of Us
2039 October 16 Malcolm and Jay fight/T’Pol becomes pregnant The Three of Us
2039 October 25 Ebrona and her crew are rescued/Malcolm and Lili make love The Three of Us
2039 October 28 Jay and Lili make love/Nan and Susie’s pregnancies acknowledged The Three of Us
2039 November 16 The trial begins The Three of Us
2039 December 14 Lili discovers she’s pregnant with Joss Hayes The Three of Us
2039 December 25 They discover Lili is carrying a boy The Three of Us
2039 December 26 The trial concludes The Three of Us
2040 September 2 Lili gives birth to Joss Hayes The Three of Us
2040 September 5 Decline is cured/Small planet is named Speakeasy/Tripp and T’Pol wed Everybody Knows
2040 September 2 Sandra and Brooks are returned from Paradise captivity The Three of Us
2041 November unknown Chang and Curtis escape from Amity’s North Pole The Three of Us
2041 December 12 Jonathan and Ebrona wed The Three of Us
2042 January 11 Chang and Curtis’s escape discovered/Madeline Suzette Hayes is born The Three of Us
2042 unknown unknown Rita starts carrying a gun Multiverse II
2043 January 11 Lili and José wed Everybody Knows
2043 February 14 Lili conceives Maria Elena/T’Pol conceives Lorian Everybody Knows
2043 October 31 Chang and Curtis captured by Imvari/Pamela Morgan Reed is born The Three of Us
2043 October 31 Maria Elena Torres is born Everybody Knows
2045 December 20 Caroling recording/Lorian Tucker is born Everybody Knows
2049 unknown unknown Warp Drive is invented Ohio
2052 June 30 Chang and Curtis released by Orion Syndicate/Malcolm dies/Jay and Lili wed The Three of Us
2052 June 30 Ebrona dies If I could do it all over again
2055 unknown unknown Mission to save the multiverse Multiverse II
2057 August 12 Colonel Green dies Ohio
2060 October 28 Engagement with the Xindi/Tripp dies Everybody Knows
2063 April 5 Borg sphere destroyed/Borg invasion put off until after 3110 Shake Your Body
2063 April 5 First Contact/Warp Drive is used for the first time by humans, by Zefram Cochrane canon
2065 unknown unknown Lung cancer is cured You Mixed-Up Siciliano
2065 unknown unknown Stanley Cup Finals game between the Western Canadian Prairiemen and the Eastern European Jackals; this is the first such game since the end of World War III The All-Stars
2080 unknown unknown Phlox is born canon
2082 December 3 Jay dies/Lili decides to commit suicide The Three of Us
2082 December 4 Lili’s end The Three of Us
2082 December 4 Lili’s end Everybody Knows
2087 unknown unknown Edward Hudson is born Intolerance
2088 March 5 T’Pol is born canon
2090 unknown unknown Kefris is born Destinations
2096 unknown unknown Dayah is born Together
2099 unknown unknown The Tethys Tavern begins operations The Three of Us
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