Portrait of a Character – Yipran I

Portrait of a Character – Yipran I


As Reversal was written, I needed a character who would, in our universe, be someone who the natives would mimic with Lili. In the Mirror Universe, she would be mimicked by Jennifer. She would be mother to Treve, Yimar, and Chelben. Enter Yipran.


I like Susan Sarandon for Yipran.

Portrait of a Character – Yipran I
Susan Sarandon as Yipran

The actress is tough and smart, and is an Oscar winner.

She can play all manner of characters, and I feel she would easily be able to show a Yipran who is not yet healed, and also one who is, in dreams, the spiritual leader of her people.


Portrait of a Character – Yipran I
Yipran (Susan Sarandon)

Intelligent but damaged, High Priestess Yipran never fully recovers from what Chawev, Baden, and Polloria do to her. Essentially, by poisoning her with an excessive amount of potassium, they have cut off her dreams and eventually she becomes comatose.

In Bribery, Yimar and Treve express the desire to visit her in the main hospital, but are thwarted, as Chawev wants to bring in Polloria as their new stepmother – despite the fact that Yipran is far from dead.

By the time of Friday Visit, Yipran is slowly recovering, but remains damaged. In Fortune, she can speak clearly in dreams, but not during waking life.



In both universes, Yipran is victimized by her husband, who attempts to do her in, in order to pave the way for the ambitious vixen, Polloria. Treve, their eldest son, reveals in Together that Chawev and Yipran really can’t divorce, as no one wants to believe that the First Minister and the High Priestess would ever not have a perfect marriage.

Mirror Universe

Portrait of a Character – Yipran I
MU Yipran (Susan Sarandon)

Just as in the prime universe, Yipran is the High Priestess of the Calafan people and, as such, is their spiritual leader, although her husband is their political leader.

In the mirror, Yipran’s life ends near the end of Reversal, as she is killed by Polloria and Polloria’s cronies, and is succeeded by her daughter, Yimar.


“Yes, and my time will be up soon anyway. But you will continue on, as planets form and die and break apart and become new things, you will watch. And as lives begin and end, you will bear witness. And when the last atom has been blown apart in the remnants of the Big Bang, as the last of the energy converts to dark matter, and the universe hits absolute zero, you will be there. And you will watch it, and go with it, as it turns onto itself, and again renews, in an endless cycle. For when it is all dark matter, and it has all recompressed, as it passes through another septum, one that does not yet exist, and it goes to another place, crossing another pond, there will be another Big Bang. As there have been countless ones before, there will be countless ones after.”


Yipran spends a lot of time as a victim, but that’s one of the main drivers of the plot in Reversal. At some point, I might write more of an origin story for her, but right now that is very much on the back burner.

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