Review – Legends

Review – Legends

Legends – As a companion piece to Voice of the Common Man, this is the story of the changing of the guard for the religious half of the Calafans‘ religious constitutional monarchy. For these highly spiritual people living in a psionically charged system, the changing of the religious guard is as big a deal as the changing of the political guard.

Legends Background

Therefore here,  the predecessor chooses a new High Priestess. Whereas in the other story, the people democratically elect a new First Minister .

As I recall, the prompt was probably the same as the title of the piece. The idea of myths and mythology dovetailed rather nicely with the concept of the four original Calafans. These are people who are seen as larger than life. They are possibly divine, and their lives, certainly, are exaggerated.


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With Yipran nearing her death, a successor High Priestess must be selected by her, before she is unable to do so. Sharp readers will recall that a large part of the plot of Reversal was to try to jigger the succession and undermine the correct process. There is a fear that any more of a delay will result in her death before the power transfer, and the natives are afraid that things could become chaotic in the interim.

As  Calafans and humans gather, Treve and his siblings tell the legendary story/myth of Lo, Abic, Fep, and Ub, as Yipran can no longer do this. Finally, after a short period of meditation, she chooses her successor, a most unlikely woman.

Story Postings


The story is Rated K.


Finally, it was rather satisfying to be able to pull in this aspect of a Calafan power transfer. Plus I was able to underscore just how bad the undermining of the power transfer would have been in Reversal, if things hadn’t turned out the way they did.

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