Portrait of a Character – Mara Brodsky

Portrait of a Character – Mara Brodsky

Mara Brodsky makes a point.


I wanted a character who would not fall into line, who would epitomize a lot of the less than savory activities going on during the E2 timeline. Enter Mara.


Mara is played by actress Maura Tierney.

Portrait of a Character – Mara Brodsky

Maura Tierney as Mara Brodsky

This actress has been in a number of different productions on television and seems to be rather versatile.


A bit of a cypher, Mara seems to be the kind of person who acts first and thinks later. Her husband’s own description of her is that she is in denial. She is an engineering crewman and is never promoted during the E2 timeline. I haven’t decided if she does any better during the prime timeline.


Robert Slater

During Entanglements, they marry, but she strays. In The Three of Us, when she has what they both believe to be their child, the baby’s skin is darker than expected and so it is obvious that the child is not Robert’s.

Walter Woods

The man who Mara has been sleeping with is Walter. Because of the cuckolding, their child, Jeffrey Woods, has his blood tested in order to assure paternity with 100% accuracy. This leads Shelby to suggest that all of the children be tested, so that paternity can be perfectly known. Phlox agrees with her, as the gene pool is so small that the only way it can all work out genetically is if the parties who have children together are as distantly related as possible.

In Everybody Knows This is Nowhere, the relationship with and marriage to Robert are sidestepped, and Mara and Walter end up together from the beginning.

Mirror Universe

Portrait of a Character – Mara Brodsky

Mirror Mara

Mara exists in the Mirror Universe and, in fact, in Throwing Rocks at Looking Glass Houses, is credited with being one of the developers of the first agony booth.

Empress Hoshi would only keep women around if they were both very competent and not a sexual threat. Mara fits the first requirement and is likely old enough to fit the second as well.


“Walter, this is your son.”


This is a character I don’t know too well (and I created her!). I might have occasion to expand on her some more if I return to the Mirror Universe, particularly earlier in Hoshi’s despotic reign.

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