Portrait of a Character – Derek Kelby

Portrait of a Character – Derek Kelby


The character, of course, is Star Trek Enterprise canon, but he didn’t have a first name.

Portrait of a Character – Derek Kelby

Derek Magyar as Kelby

I used the actor’s own first name, as he needed something.

Because he is a Commander in canon, but that’s the fourth season, I figured he could be at a lower level during the fourth season. As in canon, he works in Engineering.


As in canon, Kelby is played by actor Derek Magyar.


Something of a stick in the mud, Kelby is particularly stiff in his earlier years. In Where No Gerbil Has Gone Before, he, along with Meredith Porter, engages in the shenanigans with a lot more reluctance than the others exhibit. While I don’t overtly put them together, I do have Aidan MacKenzie suggest it.

However, he’s not totally without romance. In On the Radio, reference is made to him having spent the night with Patti Socorro during the events of More, More, More! However, even he can get into trouble. In Shell Shock, along with Malcolm, he’s one of the suspects in the rape of Ruby Brannagh. In Everybody Knows This is Nowhere, it’s confirmed that he never married in the first kick back in time. He also accidentally recorded the single men singing Santa Claus is Coming to Town, a recording heard as a transmission by the second iteration ship.


Patti Socorro

With Chef Will Slocum dead in the second iteration, Patti and Derek marry. There is virtually nothing on their relationship, except that she was the third to last woman to wed, as opposed to second to last in the first iteration.

Mirror Universe

Portrait of a Character – Derek Kelby

Mirror Kelby

The character is known to exist in the Mirror Universe, although he’s an Ensign and not a Commander.


“Believe me, nobody wants to see Oslo this time of year, unless they like skiing.”


Much like in canon, Derek isn’t seen much and isn’t heard from much. This stick in the mud character is not easy to write.

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