Portrait of a Character – Lakeisha Warren Crusher

Portrait of a Character – Lakeisha Warren Crusher

Lakeisha Warren Crusher gives Wesley his soul.


When writing Crackerjack (spoiler alert!), I wanted very much for Wesley Crusher to end up wed to a woman of a different race. Enter Lakeisha.


Lakeisha is played by actress Viola Davis.


Friendly and personable, Lakeisha is also rather talented.

Portrait of a Character – Lakeisha Warren Crusher

Viola Davis as Lakeisha Warren

She plays the French horn in the Starfleet band. She and Wes meet because she’s playing at Will Riker and Deanna Troi’s wedding, which takes place during Imprecision.

During Overture, when Wes seeks her out and visits her at her dorm (she’s still at Starfleet Academy), she is in the midst of practicing a new song. She’s a little late starting.


Wesley Crusher

Lakeisha’s only known relationship is with Wes. While the young lovers are kept apart for a while as he sows a few small wild oats to work for Mack MacKenzie, they stay together and remain true.

Theme Music

Lakeisha’s theme music is The Who’s Overture, from the rock opera Tommy.

Mirror Universe

Portrait of a Character – Lakeisha Warren Crusher

Viola Davis as Mirror Lakeisha

There are no impediments to Lakeisha existing in the Mirror.

She would have to be far tougher, as all women in that universe are. Given the time frame, she would likely be beheld to a man for her safety and basic necessities. Does a Mirror Wesley exist? I haven’t explored this yet, and the idea intrigues me.


“This flag officers’ concert, it’ll be done in a few days. We’ll post mortem it, but it’ll still be less than a week. After that, I’ve got classes and the usual, you know how it is. Confidentially, rumor has it that the whole thing is a front for them coming in and doing some recruiting for Section 31.”


I adore Lakeisha and, as I continue to write the Barnstorming series, she’ll be seen more and more.

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