Portrait of a Character – Victoria Dietrich

Portrait of a Character – Victoria Dietrich

Victoria Dietrich serves several purposes.


During the E2 timeline, I wanted to showcase a bad marriage, where the husband would be cuckolded and it would not be discovered until the birth of what he thinks would be his child. But instead, the child would be of a different race. At the same time, I also needed a teacher character to handle the children. And so Victoria was born.


Portrait of a Character – Victoria Dietrich

Rooney Mara as Victoria Dietrich (image is for educational purposes only)

Vicki is played by actress Rooney Mara.

I like a chameleon-like actress, and Mara certainly fits the bill.


A bit gossipy and maybe a little haughty, Vicki seems like a standard crew member. Until she gets caught up in the drama of the Slaters’ divorce.


Walter Woods

During The Three of Us, they start going out. All seems well, until Mara Brodsky’s baby is found out to be Walter’s and not her husband, Robert Slater’s. Humiliated, Vicki kicks Walter out.

Robert Slater

After the divorce, the two of them find mutual comfort, although the captain warns them against rebound relationships. In Everybody Knows This is Nowhere, Robert and Vicki get together and she bypasses Walter in her affections completely. They both lose their lives in an Insectoid-Imvari raid on the ship.

Mirror Universe

There are no impediments to Victoria existing in the Mirror.

Portrait of a Character – Victoria Dietrich

Rooney Mara as Mirror Victoria (image is for educational purposes only)

However, with Empress Hoshi having Aidan hire Susan, there is no need for Vicki for teaching. Hence she would remain in Tactical, most likely, and might not be plain or competent enough for Hoshi to not consider her a threat and/or want her around. Perhaps she would serve on a different ship entirely.


“But it was possible. And you just figured you wouldn’t tell me that you had slept with a married woman?”


I think this character could be rather striking in the Mirror. Perhaps I’ll revisit her, and write that someday.

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