Portrait of a Character – Sophie Creighton

Portrait of a Character – Sophie Creighton

Sophie Creighton is Sandra’s only friend.


Sandra Sloane needed a roommate, someone she could bounce things off. Because Sandra is a homophobic individual, it made a kind of ironic sense to make her roommate a person of color.


Portrait of a Character – Sophie Creighton

Jennifer Hudson as Sophie Creighton

Sophie is played by Academy Award-winning actress and singer Jennifer Hudson.

I like this smart, multi-talented performer. I don’t have Sophie sing, though (Meredith and Rex do).


Generous and big-hearted, Sophie takes care of Sandra and Dan’s daughter, Kimmy, when nobody else will. This becomes a source of friction with Brooks, who wants Sandra to take responsibility for the child.


Brooks Haynem

During the first E2 kick back in time, Sophie marries canon character Brooks Haynem. But when Brooks helps Chang and the others to perpetrate an attack on Patti Socorro, Sophie and Brooks divorce, which frees Brooks to hook up with Sandra Sloane.


After divorcing Brooks, Sophie ends up with one of the two Ikaaran men that the ship takes on board during the first E2 kick back in time.

Gary Hodgkins

In the second kick back in time, Sophie and Gary get together and have a son, Leo.

Mirror Universe

There are no impediments to Sophie existing in  the Mirror Universe.

Portrait of a Character – Sophie Creighton

Jennifer Hudson as Mirror Sophie

I write Mirror women as having few options, and generally being treated rather poorly. If Sophie really can sing (I haven’t decided  yet), then maybe she does that. It sure beats the alternative.

With Hudson’s extraordinary pipes, Sophie could survive and even thrive in the Mirror, so long as Empress Hoshi wasn’t jealous of her popularity.


“He doesn’t even realize that my full name is just Sophie, and not Sophia. I don’t think he really gives a damn about either of us. He’s just spraying his shots, hoping to hit something, but without any aim.”


This utility infielder type of character has served me well, but she hasn’t been seen outside of an interphases situation. Maybe that should change.

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