Review – Flip

Review – Flip

Flip is a prelude to Reversal.


I wanted a Star Trek fan fiction prequel/origins story for Lili.

While I had stories of her being hired to work on the NX-01, and she had talked about her childhood in Reversal and Together in particular, there was no depiction of Lili as a teenager until this story.


The story begins with Lili and her grandparents, who sometimes speak English and sometimes speak French, reminding her of a very important appointment.

Review – Flip

Naomi Watts as a teenaged Lili O’Day

Lili, like teenagers since the beginning of time, is a bit impatient and annoyed. Clearly, Lilienne and Richard Ducasse have been over this with her several times already.

What’s the appointment? It’s a chance to cook for the head of the Mars Culinary Institute.  Impressing the strict judge will get her a place in the school and, potentially, a far better future. Otherwise, as a teenager with mediocre grades and an expunged record for joyriding, she’s got a wonderful future of washing dishes ahead of her, and not much more. This is a chance to excel.

And she very nearly blows it, particularly as the judge is a Vulcan and the dish is lobster en croute. This is a major problem, as Vulcans are vegetarians (that’s Star Trek canon). I write Vulcans as being vegans, so they are even more strict.

Want to know if it all works out? Read on; the story is short.

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The story has a K rating.


I loved having the chance to show a little of Lili’s earlier life, and even her Ducasse grandparents, who had been mentioned several times previously but never actually seen in any context other than a dream until this little story.

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