Review – Transported

Review – Transported

Transported makes use of a double meaning.


Hence for a prompt of the same name, I wanted to cover a rather different type of transporting. Instead, it would be the kind which happens when you are overly engrossed in something. In addition, that certain something would be not so safe for work or for children.


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Skrol and Tr’Dorna misbehave during a class field trip. The premise is rather simple and has very little description. In fact, the entire story is little more than a sketch.

It is late and the class at Picard High School is heading back from a field trip to … somewhere. Yet it doesn’t matter where.

Because all that matters is that it’s crowded and hot and dark, and Tr’Dorna is wearing a skirt, as she and Skrol have sex in the transport, not ten feet away from their teacher. Because of the nature of this little story, keep children far, far away. I mean it!

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This story has an M rating.


I liked the idea of a couple getting it on in such a public and dangerous manner. The only other couple I have had, so far, to do such a thing, are Jay Hayes and Susan Cheshire. However, you never see them in the act; the reference is just one of Jay’s memories of her. Although, does anyone see Skrol and Tr’Dorna? I honestly don’t know. Also, I have no idea if any could see Jay and Susan. However, I feel that adds some mystique. If the real answer is unknown, then you can think whatever you like.

Here, the act and its leadup are covered pretty nicely, I feel.

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