Review – Insecurity

Review – Insecurity

Insecurity can happen to any of us. So who better to illustrate that than my favorite Gorn?


Therefore, in response to a prompt of the same name, I decided to revisit one of my favorite non-human interspecies couples. For these mixed-alien lovers, who also just so happen to be teenagers, a short separation is a cause for concern. And like so many teens throughout history, it hurts to be apart. Even someone who is not jealous can wonder just what is going on. And slow or missing communications make that even worse.


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A few weeks after Bron and Sophra start going out, they are separated due to the school’s vacation schedule.

Bron, as always, is the somewhat nerdy and very shy and perhaps overly sensitive. Hence it’s a somewhat banal thing, for a teenaged couple to be separated for some reason or another, and for one of them to be freaking out.

And of all the people to come to Bron’s rescue, it’s Tr’Dorna who tells him to hang in there, and that it’s all going to be okay. Bron even gets in an aside to Skrol, telling him that Tr’Dorna is a good person and he should better appreciate her. As a result, this story also represents me getting to know and better appreciate Tr’Dorna! And when she becomes Bron’s comforter (and, in a way, something of a confessor for him), she suddenly had a dimension and a character. She had not had those before.

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This story is rated K.


I love my poor little sensitive New Aged-Gorn. And – spoiler alert – it will be okay.  Because Sophra understands. Long live Bron!

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