Review – Losin’ It

Review – Losin’ It

Losin (Losin’) It? So, what does that mean? Of course, it has to do with sex. However, it also has a lot to do with innocence.  So this means truth and it means lies. And while I can’t recall whether this story came before Truth or the other way around, it does serve as a tidy bookend to the other short tale. For Bron, clearly, it’s all about the truth. And for Skrol, equally as clearly, it is more about the exaggeration.


The prompt for a monthly challenge was, if I recall correctly, about lying. And who better to lie than the semi-silver-tongued reptilian devil himself, Skrol?

Losin the Plot

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Losin’ It

Oh, what has Skrol done now?

Like teenagers from time immemorial, Tr’Dorna, Skrol, Etrina, Bron, and Sophra are all a little obsessed with each others’ lives. So this includes the inevitable question of, are you still a virgin? Because by that time, not everyone is.

Skrol hatches a plan to get Tr’Dorna to flip her tail for him (essentially, for them to have sex or at least get close to that) by lying to her and saying that not only is he a virgin, but that she is the first female he has ever kissed.

Bron calls him out on it and he threatens to tell Tr’Dorna. As a result, Skrol is forced to confess.

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This story is rated T.


The story is okay; it’s not great and I would not put it up there with my better work. It’s just a little teenaged humor story more than anything else. However, it told me more about Skrol, and that’s always a good thing, to know the characters even better.

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