Portrait of a Character – Karyn Archer

Portrait of a Character – Karyn Archer


During the run of Star Trek: Enterprise, there is an episode where the ship meets its descendants. It is through an odd time travel trope. E2 has led me to four books and two kicks back in time. Karyn is in the second one, and is seen in Everybody Knows This is Nowhere.

I decided that Karyn, who in canon is Jonathan Archer‘s descendant, would also be a descendant to Lili and José.


Portrait of a Character – Karyn Archer

Tess Lina as Karyn Archer (image is presented for educational purposes)

As in canon, Karyn is played by actress Tess Lina.


Friendly and generally upbeat, Karyn is a big part of why the older NX-01 holds together at all.


I don’t have a relationship for Karyn. People sometimes ‘ship her and Lorian, but I have him taking two separate human wives, and only having children with the first one. Karyn, unfortunately, is left out of the genetics sweepstakes.

Mirror Universe

Karyn, by definition, cannot exist in the Mirror Universe, as she is the product of a kick back in time.


“Sir, they are going to want to know about the Xindi weapon, and why we did not stop it.”


For a character with not a lot of screen time, Karyn is already pretty memorable. I hope I have done her some justice.

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