Portrait of a Character – Soval

Portrait of a Character – Soval

Soval gives me mixed feelings.




The character is, of course, canon.

A lot of fans are not too impressed with the portrayal of Vulcans in Enterprise. For me, I loved it. I always found them to be far too perfect, and when the Original Series was running, I was a lot more likely to side with McCoy or Kirk than Spock. This may have carried over a bit, but either way, it was a refreshing change, to me, to see Vulcans with feet of clay and less than stellar motives.



As in canon, the character is played by actor Gary Graham. The actor embodies the character well and it is difficult to think of another inhabiting him so well.


Standoffish like most Vulcans, he seems to be genuinely moved when Admiral Forrest sacrifices his own life to save a, perhaps, friend.


His relationships are not really on screen. In Biases, I bring a human woman into his household. But Bridie Kelly is not a love interest at all. So I really hope nobody ‘ships them.

Mirror Universe

Mirror Universe Soval is also canon. Intelligent and resourceful, he is one of many Mirror Universe characters who is just plain in a bad place. As I write the Mirror, it boasts a violent military dictatorship.  Not an easy place for an unemotional person.

There isn’t a lot on him in canon except that Archer became xenophobic hence he’d be in some peril.  So this would make life even more difficult even if Jonathan Archer had lived. The way I write the Mirror Universe, Hoshi Sato is successful in murdering Archer.

Mirror Universe Soval

Mirror Universe Soval


“I am one hundred and forty-two years old. That is almost a logical observation.”


I have never written Mirror Universe Soval, so maybe it’s time I should.

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