Portrait of a Character – Eleanor Crossman

Portrait of a Character – Eleanor Crossman

Eleanor Crossman serves one purpose really well.


During Together, I wanted to make Jenny Crossman and Frank Ramirez‘s first dance an occasion for people to feel some true melancholy.

As a result, Malcolm blows his nose to hide the fact that he’s weeping a bit, Lili much more openly cries and Pamela Hudson gives her Malcolm’s handkerchief, Travis and Tripp complain of headaches, Hoshi cries, and Deborah watches Jonathan from afar. Melissa is not there (she isn’t invited to the reception, so she’s with Norri). But what about Doug?

I wanted him (and Jonathan, before him), to be more or less pushed into dancing with the bride’s mother. Enter Eleanor Crossman.


Eleanor is portrayed by Barbara Rhoades.

Barking up the Muse Tree | Jespah | Janet Gershen-Siegel | Barbara Rhodes as Eleanor Crossman (image is for educational purposes only)

Barbara Rhodes as Eleanor Crossman (image is for educational purposes only)

I liked the idea of an actress who has done comedy (Rhoades was on Soap) and, believably, would call out, “Next victim!” when changing partners.


Pleasant and amusing, the widow Crossman likely manages the Crossman Pharmaceuticals fortune.

Mirror Universe

Portrait of a Character – Eleanor Crossman

Mirror Eleanor (Barbara Rhoades)

More of a floozy, this version of Eleanor is still running Crossman Pharma, but is more likely to be beholden to men.

I have never written her here, but since Jennifer exists (although her twin sister, Claire, might not), therefore, by definition, Eleanor must exist.


“Next victim!”


Mainly a plot device, I think she does the job well. Will we see her again, or in the Mirror Universe? I don’t honestly know. However, if I ever write an early version of Jennifer Crossman’s life, then Eleanor can never be far behind (and neither can Claire, at least in the prime universe).

Finally, I have no idea about Mr. Crossman. Who the hell was he? And when did he die? Once again, these important questions have no answers!

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