Portrait of a Character – Susie Money

Portrait of a Character – Susie Money

Susie Money rocks!


This character is Star Trek: Enterprise canon, although she only had a first initial in canon.


As in canon, Susie is played by stunt performer Dorenda Moore.

Portrait of a Character – Susie Money

Dorenda Moore as Susie Money

I’m not even so sure that Susie said more than two words during the entire run of Star Trek: Enterprise. This incredibly tough MACO more or less shot first, but it’s debatable whether she asked questions later, if at all.


I’ve given Susie a bit more sexual aggression, but during the E2 scenario, she’s still one of the last women paired up.  As I write Susie, she’s more interested in making friends with the Starfleeters than the other MACOs are, at least to start. She volunteers to assist Hoshi Sato with a Morale Committee.


Mario Lattimer

In both kicks back in time, Susie ends up with Mario. The relationship is more playfully aggressive in the first kick back, and is sweeter in the second. They also hook up during Shell Shock, and she serves as his alibi.

Mirror Universe

Mirror Susie

Mirror Susie

There are no impediments to Susie existing in the Mirror Universe.  However, she was not shown in either canon Star Trek: Enterprise Mirror Universe episode. But that does not mean she doesn’t exist in that particular universe.

I write most Mirror Universe women as being rather beholden to men, and downtrodden. Susie wouldn’t be. That tough a woman would be in a position of some personal power. She probably wouldn’t be on a star ship or the like. Empress Hoshi would never want such confident competition.


“Yanno, you’re not supposed to dance to Christmas carols.”


I enjoyed giving this taciturn character a lot more to say and do. In one capacity or another, she will return.

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