Portrait of a Character – Lorian Tucker

Portrait of a Character – Lorian Tucker


This canon character has to be a part of any E2 timeline.


Portrait of a Character – Lorian Tucker

David Andrews as Lorian Tucker

As in canon, Lorian is played by actor David Andrews.


As in canon, Lorian is dutiful to a fault, and works hard to assure that the prime timeline’s Enterprise can get through and complete its mission in the Delphic Expanse.


Jill Lattimer

Lorian marries the daughter of Mario Lattimer and Susie Money. Their daughter is Jolene Tucker. Their grandchildren are Stephanie and Steven Hodgkins. Their great-grandson is Jay Hodgkins.

Hanna Rosen

Because Vulcan hybrids live longer than humans, Lorian is widowed and remarries. He and Hanna (the daughter of Joshua Rosen and Karin Bernstein) do not have children. It is her second marriage, too.

Mirror Universe

By definition, Lorian cannot exist in the Mirror Universe.


“We were hoping to reveal some of these in a more private manner. There were some men who never wed, and died young. You were one. So were Daniel Chang, Christian Harris, Jay Hayes, Brooks Haynem and Malcolm Reed.”


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