Portrait of a Character – Alice Trent

Portrait of a Character – Alice Trent


This character was originally going to be a regular cast member but I didn’t really have room for her. So she showed up during The Point is Probably Moot in an alternate timeline.


Portrait of a Character – Alice Trent

English: The actress Alice Eve at San Diego Comic-Con International 2011 Italiano: L’attrice Alice Eve al San Diego Comic-Con International 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alice is played by Star Trek: Into Darkness actress Alice Eve. Of course she has Star Trek cred from that.


Personable and polite, Alice in the regular timeline is a manners and protocols specialist. She is interviewed by the Temporal Integrity Commission as a possible companion agent for Rick Daniels. Paired together, they could conceivably cover historic state dinners, which is exactly what they end up doing.

In the alternate timeline, she is an Islamophobe.


Alice has no known relationships. Rick does not hit on her as he is already realizing that he’s in love with Milena Chelenska.

Mirror Universe

There are no impediments to a Mirror Alice existing, except that all true counterparts have smaller chances of existing.

Portrait of a Character – Alice Trent

Portrait of a Character – Alice Trent

This is due to the passage of time and the addition of more generations (and, therefore, more variables).

Regardless of what she’d be doing in the Mirror Universe, it would have nothing to do with manners and fish forks.


“Why would you want to help those infidels? Are you all nonbelievers?”


I have no place for this character, and I wish I did, as she could potentially be compelling. Maybe Carmen hires her after the events of He Stays a Stranger.

Now there’s an idea.

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