Blogging Community (non-Trek)

Blogging Community (non-Trek)

Blogging Community (non-Trek)

In order to dovetail with my recent blog post about the Trek Blogging Community, here’s a post about the Writing Blog Community I hang out with that isn’t Trek.

There are non-writer bloggers who I follow, too (well, of course everyone who blogs is actually a form of writer, but what I’m really talking about here are bloggers who also dabble in fiction writing). But this post is only going to be about fiction writers who blog – with one notable exception. These aren’t really in any particular order.

Puckishwird’s Blog

Joshua C. is an experienced blogger – he’s been doing this longer than I have! I love the old-timey look to the pages. The prose is fascinating, but the writing samples are even better. Very well-organized, this blog is clearly the work of someone who’s been doing this for a while, and loves it. I know Joshua from a NaNoWriMo group on Facebook.

The Frog Blog

Katrin Hollister is a friend from Wattpad who is new to the blogging scene.  She’s a far busier student than I am, and is balancing a new blog, Pinterest, Deviant Art (she is also an artist), and of course her studies. One great use she recently made of her  new blog was for a cover reveal for her Wattpad epic, The Windcaster.

RAvishing Thoughts

Miriel of Gisborne is a writer who I’ve seen on several sites, both Star Trek and non, over the years.

Blogging Community (non-Trek)

Currently, she’s immersed in writing Bilbo/Thorin Hobbit slash, and so her Tumblr blog is devoted to actor Richard Armitage.

Like most Tumblr blogs, hers is very visual. There are some great images of Armitage, mixed in with terrific covers that she has made herself. The blog also links directly to her fiction and acts as a cross-promotional vehicle.


SeeThomasHowell is another Wattpad friend. On Wattpad, he doesn’t just write, read, and review. Jason also conducts interviews of fellow writers. A lot of these interviews end up on the Howlarium, which is a mix of his own writings and promotions, interviews, and promotions of others’ work. It’s a grand and generous collection of cross-promotions.

Alex Karola

Another Wattpad friend, and another brand-new blogger, Alex is both a writer and a teacher. She is looking to break into the YA market.

Maniac Marmoset

Jessica B. is another NaNoWriMo Facebook pal and another new blogger. Her blog has been mainly devoted to writing snippets and all sorts of original poetry.  She is currently in the query part of the process of becoming a published author.

Special Guest Star Blogger

Give it up for my publisher, Riverdale Avenue Books!

A mix of promotions, announcements, and guest blogs, RAB’s blog is intended as a cross-promotional vehicle for their books. This blog feeds a number of their other social media enterprises, such as their GoodReads page.

Beyond Blogging

For me, this kind of a blogging community advances more than one purpose. It’s a place to cross-promote works, of course.  But it’s become more than that. For me, it’s become another vehicle to making friends. It’s a joy to be able to, just like with my Star Trek friends, be able to talk to these people about a lot of things. And for them to immediately get it.

8 thoughts on “Blogging Community (non-Trek)”

  1. Thank you so much for the mention! I’m always thrown for a loop when you take me seriously like that 🙂 I feel very lucky to know you and share in your experience. Your support has made a huge difference. It encourages me to keep growing and it really helps to have someone who can give honest and informed answers to my questions.
    I also appreciate the look at the work of so many fellow bloggers/writers. Lots of good people to learn from!
    Love back to you 🙂

    1. Aw shucks, thanks! I really enjoy doing this, and I imagine it shows. One thing that truly helped was really, truly understanding that others’ successes don’t diminish me in the least. I didn’t think that way when I was younger. What do they say? The rising tide lifts all the boats! 🙂

      1. I’m really glad you said that. I have moments when I get intimidated by the success of others, or a really great bit of writing shows up on my tumblr dashboard, and I think, “Damn, I could never come up with that.” But then I realize that it’s not such a constructive attitude to have. I can come up with other things, and who’s to say that I can’t find my own way to success? Maintaining confidence is a challenge, but it helps to know that you’ve been there as well. It also helps to start connecting with people and see the results coming in.

        1. Yes, exactly! Hell, if we all stopped writing when we saw something better, I imagine no one would have ever written anything again after they read Shakespeare or Milton or Dante or Sun-Tzu.

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