Review – Apple

Review – Apple


Review – Apple
Star Trek: In Between Days

For my own prompt about temptation, I decided to fill in a missing scene from Reversal. The idea was also to dovetail with a scene in Fortune, where Shelby and Travis spend time together, and it appears that they might be starting a relationship soon.

But I did not want things to run smoothly.


It’s the day after the day of all-orange food. Lili is not sleeping well, because she’s dreaming about Doug. Jennifer is even teasing her a bit about it.

Review – Apple
A perfect Gala apple

Harvest produce is set out, and Lili sets about explaining what’s available for dessert, which is a fruit and cheese plate. Malcolm looks up as she’s speaking.

Shelby picks up an uncut, perfectly ripe Gala apple, and offers it to Travis. Tripp Tucker even jokes about Adam and Eve. And Travis flees the scene.

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The Story is Rated K.


For a small fill-in scene, I think the story works just fine. I would not add it permanently to Reversal, though, as I feel it would interrupt a lot of the flow. But it was fun to add a different slant to a day in that story that doesn’t get a lot of detail.

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