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In response to a weekly prompt about painting a scene, I submitted Atlas. As far back as Reversal, I had described Titania as a kind of Southerners‘ paradise. This story gave me an opportunity to showcase that.


In late April of 2133, Jay is a sergeant and is under a Major Ian Landry. Savvy fanfiction readers will recognize Landry as being one of Doug‘s kills, in the Mirror Universe, as described in Fortune.

In Between Days
In Between Days

The MACO unit has just been assigned to Titania.

While Jay is an NCO, the military presence is new, so not all of the barracks buildings have been completed. Therefore, even though he isn’t supposed to, he is made to bunk with the enlisted personnel.

Jay meticulously sets up his area, following every regulation down to the minutest detail. His neighbor, a guy named Mercer, is a lot less careful, and the remainder of the enlisted men are imperfect in their execution of the order to get unpacked. Only Jay gets everything right.

English: False color image of Titania.
English: False color image of Titania. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a result, he is given Cinderella Liberty, and takes his time off to go to the Bar District of New Natchez. He has some small adventures, and even sees a woman who will eventually turn out to be Susan Cheshire, although he does not approach her.

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The story is Rated K.


I like the little look into Jay’s background. At the time, I was writing The Three of Us, and it struck me that I had very little on Jay’s background, and that needed to be rectified. There are a lot more stories I could tell about Jay; I have barely scratched the surface there.

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