Review – The Puzzle, A Tale Told in Pieces


When I was first writing Star Trek: Enterprise fanfiction, and following the five senses, I got to sight last.

The Puzzle, A Tale Told in Pieces
The Puzzle, A Tale Told in Pieces

Instead of writing just about sight, I decided to create a multi-chapter story and more or less go for broke.

I also disliked how little screen time Travis got, so I decided to give him a little love with a story all his own.


In the middle of the night, Travis is pulled out of his bed and dumped … somewhere. But he’s not alone.

Pieces of a puzzle
Pieces of a puzzle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are people from a few canon species – Andorians, Vulcans, Xindi sloth, Orions and Klingons. There are two of each, one male and one female. He doesn’t know the human woman he’s paired with; she is a far older woman, she speaks Russian and she is a librarian at the Lunar Colony Library.

And then they start to be prodded into working out a series of problems. For better or worse, they learn that they have to work together.

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The story is rated K.


The story is … okay. It’s not great. I have updated it a bit (Lili makes a quick appearance), although I really should have done more. The plotting is slow in parts, and it can drag and be rather talky. There are original characters, and I’m glad that I felt confident enough in my world-creating abilities to add them, but some are wooden and others are more three-dimensional but still not too well-defined. Not too bad for a mystery tale, but I have learned that it is better to give more information about  characters, in order to give the reader something to hold onto while reading.

It could be better, and probably a lot better. But it taught me a lot about story creation and pacing, and so I am grateful for its existence.

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