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Progress Report – Second Quarter 2018

Progress Report – Second Quarter 2018

The Second Quarter 2018 brought more changes. Because I am not posting much new works, its main purpose was to post the older pieces.

Posted Works

Barking up the Muse Tree | Janet Gershen-Siegel | jespah | Quill | Second Quarter 2018
First of all, on Wattpad, I posted Inside Information (more information below) as a part of Later Days. I then swung into the Eriecho series, with Release, Beats, Double Helix, The Mundane World, Recessive, A Gathering, and Across the Universe. I then posted The Puzzle and Theorizing, both as standalone stories. My next foray was going to be into the E2 timeline, with Reflections Down a Corridor. However instead I went with the Barnstorming series, starting with The All-Stars of course.

And on, I posted the Hold Your Dominion series in its entirety. That consists of Hold Your Dominion, Smash Your Dominion, Good-Bye, and Wider than the Sargasso Sea. And then I moved onto Mixing It Up, posting Freak School, Report Card, D’Storlin, The Reptile Speaks, Insecurity, Losin’ It, Truth, and Transported. I added Alien Encounter, Milk, and The Black Widow to this collection as they don’t really fit in anywhere else. And I then got caught up by posting Inside Information. I posted Coffee and Siberians as a separate Voyager Collection. Then I started the Barnstorming series, with The All-Stars, and then moving along to Play. I also posted, as a standalone, Inside Information.


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WIP Corner

There really isn’t anything in progress. Inside Information was completely unexpected. However, because I’ve started Barnstorming, I need to finish Overtime. So I did some work on that and moved it along. I can see how I’ll finally end it.

Prep Work

On the WattNaNo profile, I added to WattNaNo’s Top Picks for 2018.

This Month’s Productivity Killers

Work got worse. Basically, while I am grateful to have a job, I am also alternating between boredom and stressed panic. Some of that boredom is my own fault; I take responsibility for it. I would just like a little more balance. But I’m sure we all would.

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