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Portrait of a Character – Christopher Pike

Portrait of a Character – Christopher Pike

Christopher Pike
Bruce Greenwood as Captain Christopher Pike (image is provided for educational purposes only)

Christopher Pike is a terrific character in any timeline.

I am still trying to figure out if I want Shelby Pike to be related to him. But why the hell not? Hell, maybe she should be.

Christopher Pike Origins

In the Original Series, he is a handsome, intelligent captain . He is just as impulsive as Kirk. But Pike has a tragic accident yet gets a kind of illusory happy ending. In the JJ Abrams universe, he dies heroically.


As in canon, this character is played by Bruce Greenwood and, after he suffers his disability, by Jeffrey Hunter.


Christopher Pike
An injured Captain Christopher Pike (image is provided for educational purposes only).

Like most of us, Pike does not consider what might happen if the unthinkable were to occur. But it does. In the prime universe, he is rather badly injured. Just how conscious and aware is he? I write him as being heartbreakingly conscious of the world around him. This is so much so that he flashes Morse code. It is better than any therapy when Nyota Uhura understands him.


Pike’s only known canon relationship is with Vina, from The Cage and The Menagerie.

Mirror Universe

There are no impediments to Christopher existing in the Mirror Universe.

Christopher Pike
Jeffrey Hunter as the Mirror Universe Christopher Pike (image is provided for educational purposes only).

Like many Mirror Universe men, I would have him sporting the Y Chromosome Skew. This would make him more powerful . He would be much more interested in women, but also a much better father.


There was a series of beeps. “He says,” Nyota explained, “that’s he’s very happy to have such beautiful company.”


Pike, like the main character in Johnny Got His Gun, deserves to return.

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Review – Temptation

Review – Temptation


In order to lighten the mood surrounding the Daranaeans, after the heavy plotting of The Cure is Worse Than the Disease and Take Back the Night, I decided to go with a light family comedy.


Review – Temptation

It’s after Mistra has been exonerated, and the newly-configured Daranaean family, with Vidam as the head of the household and his mother, Dratha, quietly helping him, is getting along pretty well. Most of the family has gone on a day outing, except for Mistra, her eldest daughter, Cria, and the baby of the family, Inta. The two eldest boys, Vidam and Trinning, are at the big school. When Cria finishes her home schooling homework, she asks to have friends over, and Mistra agrees.

Cria invites over Kathalia, Jamae, and Morza. The four girls have a wonderful time, until Cria, ever mindful of being a good hostess, goes to procure little cakes (cookies) for each of her guests. But there aren’t enough cookies.

By this time, the boys are home, and Vidam and Trinning figure out why baby Inta has been so quiet and just where those cookies have gone to.

Story Postings


The story is Rated K.


The story is meant to be a gentle family comedy, and I think it succeeds. When I read it to my husband for the first time, he yelled out, “Busted!” when the plot came to its little climax. And that made me laugh.

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