Portrait of a Character – Zefram Cochrane

Portrait of a Character – Zefram Cochrane


This Star Trek canon character is seen in both Enterprise and the movie universe.


As in canon, Zef is played by actor James Cromwell.

Portrait of a Character – Zefram Cochrane

I enjoy this actor’s performances and respect the casting decision 100% for my Star Trek fanfiction.


Abrasive and capricious, Zef is grounded by Lily. In a ruined post-World War III landscape, she helps him focus on what will become not only the greatest achievement of his life, it will likely be one of the greatest achievements in all of human history – the invention of Warp Drive.


Lily Sloane

Portrait of a Character – Zefram Cochrane

Lily and Zef

This relationship is hinted at in canon, but never fully realized. In my fan fiction, I have decided that they marry. He is eventually widowed, in A Single Step. With her dying breath’s encouragement, she tells him to make his life out in the stars.

Mirror Universe

A Mirror Universe version of Zef is canon, and he shoots the first Vulcan he sees, on First Contact Day.

I haven’t written him yet (and the actor in the image isn’t even Cromwell), but I bet he’d be a kick to write. He would probably descend more or less completely into alcoholism after killing the Vulcans and stealing their ship and its technology.


“Don’t be getting no weapons! I will defend what’s mine!”


I am hoping for a chance to write him again, possibly in a Mirror Universe scenario.

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