Review – An Announcement

Review – An Announcement


Review – An Announcement
Original character Norri Digiorno (Alyson Hannigan)

This was a Star Trek fanfiction prompt about family. Rather than have Leonora come out, I decided to instead have her announce that she had met someone special. That person is Melissa.


Review – An Announcement
Original character Melissa Madden (Catherine Bell)

In Fortune, I had rather vaguely established how the two women had met (and then more detail is offered in Red, which was written much later), but not the aftermath. This was a good chance to show that scene, particularly since I already had a bit of background of Norri’s father disapproving to some extent. While Dino isn’t necessarily homophobic (albeit some people have read him to be that way), the way I see him is that he’s a bit huffy that his little girl is growing up perhaps a bit too fast. After all, her brothers, Alex and Phil, have not yet declared their love for anyone. Hence I feel it’s more that Dino is a bit blindsided by the declaration. Belinda, his wife, sets him straight, and the story ends with a promise to have Melissa over, and soon, so that she can meet the family. There is even a brief reference to her brother Phil’s violin playing, another shout out to Fortune.

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The story is Rated K.


In particular, to get Norri introduced to more readers, I think the little story works pretty well. At some point, I’ll write their first dinner together, I imagine.