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Review – Letters from Home

Review – Letters from Home


Review – Letters from Home

Mail Call at Stalag 17

One of my all-time favorite films is Stalag 17. There is a scene where a fellow named Harry Shapiro receives a bunch of letters – far more than anyone else. And they ask him how that’s possible.

He strongly implies that the letters are from girls, and refers to himself as “Sugar Lips” Shapiro.

But then his friend, Stanislaus (“Animal”) Kuzawa, grabs one of the letters and begins reading it. It turns out, the letters are all from a finance company. Shapiro’s Plymouth is being repossessed.

The Tie to Star Trek

Review – Letters from Home

Star Trek: Enterprise establishes, in canon, that commerce and trade are still conducted, and money is still used. Furthermore, there are still automobiles (Tripp Tucker refers to driving an old girlfriend to Chatkin Point). Hence I knew I wanted Tucker for this story, which was in response to a prompt about letters from home. The letters, I decided, would be reflective of Harry Shapiro’s own travails with a finance company.

For Tripp, the finance company contacts him after the Xindi attack. Of course, he’s more than a little put out by this. And the exasperating correspondence thereby begins ….

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The story is rated K.


I like how this one turned out. It’s got a bit of comedy as things go more and more over the top. I also think I ended it at the right point. Any more and the reader might’ve started to feel sorry for the finance company.

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