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Review – Supply and Demand

Review – Supply and Demand

Supply and Demand adds a dark underbelly to the E2 timeline.


I wanted to cover a small and rather distasteful piece of The Three of Us that I gave hints of but never actually got a chance to show ‘on screen’. Hence Sandra takes center stage.


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Sandra Sloane (image of Leighton Meester is for educational purposes only)

During the E2 timeline, because the male to female ratio had a skew that was so heavily in favor of about two to three men per every woman (the ratio is canon), I decided that someone would take advantage of the situation and, to put it euphemistically, put out for some privileges. Enter Sandra and her business.

Because of the skewed ratio, and because she is alternately bored and depressed (and is overly horny and aggressive due to her poorly treated depression), Sandra hits upon an idea that, to her, is irresistible. She will supply sex, yes, and to anyone in the lower level crew who shows an interest. However, there is just one catch: it’ll cost ya.

As for the senior staff (which I sometimes write Chef and Shelby Pike the Botanist as being, sometimes not), she does not want anyone telling them a thing. And, for several months, no one does. The business, such as it is, flourishes.

Story Postings


The story has a T – MA rating.


I really love the idea of someone taking advantage of the horribly skewed ratio, and doing something particularly nasty with it. The Sandra Sloane character works particularly well for this. In addition, taunts Chef and makes him really pay for wanting to spend time with her.

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Portrait of a Character – Sandra Sloane

Portrait of a Character – Sandra Sloane

Sandra Sloane is a bitch with a long history.


I wanted a Star Trek fanfiction crew member who would be bitchy and nasty and, at times, crossing the line into prejudice. Say hello to Sandra.


Sandra is played by Leighton Meester.

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Sandra Sloane (image of Leighton Meester is for educational purposes only)

I wanted an actress who doesn’t look like she’s mean on the outside, someone who seems to be keeping it together. After all, if Sandra’s nastiness was obvious from the get-go, Starfleet never would have hired her in the first place.


Brittle, impatient and trying, Sandra does not suffer fools gladly. In There’s Something About Hoshi, she loudly and rudely complains that the Arisians won’t ask for directions or help and just take things – like, in her opinion, typical males. The others may be thinking it, but she’s the one who says it.

In Demotion, she nearly has a midday encounter, but rejects the fellow when she sees and hears him being dressed down by Jay, his superior officer.


Portrait of a Character – Sandra Sloane

During the first kick back in time, she becomes clinically depressed. But in her, the manifestation is of an increase in aggression. When Malcolm comes onto her, she loudly and angrily declares him to be closeted and, as a result, he loses a great deal of his confidence. She also creates and passes along a number of rumors, enough so that Frank Todd feels the need to publicly come out, in order to assure the other gay crew members that they are not alone and should not be afraid.

Her increased aggression also leads to a significantly increased sex drive, and she ends up essentially seeing a demand and fulfilling it, as a kind of ship’s comfort woman. Even though she’s on the birth control shot, she becomes pregnant, but does not know who the father is until Phlox performs an amniocentesis test.

In the second kick back in time, she heads her own depression off at the pass, at least at the beginning. Also, she reveals her stepfather had been racist and homophobic. Hence she had picked up on that as a child, and that it had an influence on her behaviors.


Daniel Chang

When her unborn child is revealed to be Dan‘s, they somewhat reluctantly end up together. They marry in order to raise the child, Kimberly, but Dan is not only untrue – he ends up committing a foul act. Dan and Sandra are both found guilty and are both sent to Paradise to work. When Sandra’s sentence ends (hers is shorter than his), she gets a divorce.

Brooks Haynem

During incarceration on Paradise, Sandra and Brooks bond. Brooks had been married to Sandra’s only friend, Sophie Creighton, but he and Sophie had gone through a divorce by then. With Brooks, Sandra has a better life – probably the best possible life that she can have during either kick back in time.

Tristan Curtis

When Brooks prematurely dies during the second kick back in time, and Tristan does not, they end up together. They have a daughter, Penny, but things are not right and they separate before Sandra’s own untimely death.

Mirror Universe

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MU Sandra Sloane (image of Leighton Meester is for educational purposes only)

There is no reason why Sandra would not exist in the Mirror Universe.

Given her nastiness here, it’s entirely possible that she’s the opposite there. And she may even be as kind and moral as anyone can be there.

I don’t know; I never wrote a Mirror Universe version of Sandra.


“I won’t pretend that I’m Miss Congeniality or anything. That I’m nice. ‘Cause God knows I’m not. I don’t suffer fools gladly. But I didn’t know what they were really being used for, the anonymous messages. Now you can believe me, or not. I only care insofar as I’d rather not be kicked off the ship. Even Paradise is a problem ‘cause there’s no medical care and no entertainment.”


Someone has to be the bad guy, and Sandra is always a delight to write, as she often says and does the things that everyone else is thinking. I know this is not the last of her.

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