Review – Supply and Demand

A Look at Supply and Demand

Supply and Demand adds a dark underbelly to the E2 timeline.


I wanted to cover a small and rather distasteful piece of The Three of Us that I gave hints of but never actually got a chance to show ‘on screen’. Hence Sandra takes center stage.


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Sandra Sloane (image of Leighton Meester is for educational purposes only)

During the E2 timeline, because the male to female ratio had a skew that was so heavily in favor of about two to three men per every woman (the ratio is canon), I decided that someone would take advantage of the situation and, to put it euphemistically, put out for some privileges. Enter Sandra and her business.

Because of the skewed ratio, and because she is alternately bored and depressed (and is overly horny and aggressive due to her poorly treated depression), Sandra hits upon an idea that, to her, is irresistible. She will supply sex, yes, and to anyone in the lower level crew who shows an interest. However, there is just one catch: it’ll cost ya.

As for the senior staff (which I sometimes write Chef and Shelby Pike the Botanist as being, sometimes not), she does not want anyone telling them a thing. And, for several months, no one does. The business, such as it is, flourishes.

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The story has a T – MA rating.


I really love the idea of someone taking advantage of the horribly skewed ratio, and doing something particularly nasty with it. The Sandra Sloane character works particularly well for this. In addition, she taunts Chef and makes him really pay for wanting to spend time with her.

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