Review – You Make Me Want to Scream

Review – You Make Me Want to Scream


For a prompt of the same name, I could not get a rather earthy idea out of my head. The trick was to make it all about unexpected people.

Review – You Make Me Want to Scream
Miles and Keiko


The short story is told in first person, entirely from the perspective of a woman. She frankly talks about sex with her husband and owns up to being rather loud. She also admits to having a fondness for a certain slightly unconventional methodology. She doesn’t mention her man’s name or even the act at all.

The couple is revealed when he  says her name aloud – and tells her that her scream during orgasm woke up their baby daughter.


Story Postings


The story is rated T.


I love this little silly story. Why should the leading men and women get to have all the fun?

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