Review – You Make Me Want to Scream

Review – You Make Me Want to Scream

Scream? Oh yeah.


For a prompt of the same name, I could not get a rather earthy idea out of my head. The trick was to make it all about unexpected people.

So many sexual-style stories are all about young people. Or they are pretty people. Or they are folks in new relationships. Hence the unexpected twist is that the people in the story are none of these things (although Keiko is lovely). Instead, these are people with a history and all of the regular domestic stuff we all have in our lives. They aren’t on the run or at war or in any sort of big adventure. Rather, this is the quiet adventure of their lives.

Review – You Make Me Want to Scream

Miles and Keiko


So I told this short story in first person, entirely from the perspective of a woman. She frankly talks about sex with her husband and owns up to being rather loud. In addition, the narrator also admits to having a fondness for a certain slightly unconventional methodology. However, she doesn’t mention her man’s name or even the act at all.

I reveal the couple when he  says her name aloud – and tells her that her scream during orgasm woke up their baby daughter.


Story Postings


The story is rated T.


I love this little silly story. Because why should the leading men and women get to have all the fun? And I particularly enjoy the fact that this story pulls in what happens after the curtain comes down. What comes after ‘happily ever after’? So much like in Doug and Lili‘s marriage, my main idea was to give the characters spice well into their forties and beyond.

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