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Recurrent Themes – Soldiers

Recurrent Themes –Soldiers


For Reversal in particular to work, there had a to be a number of people ready and able to go to war.

Recurrent Themes – SoldiersIn particular, as the Mirror Universe is so different from the prime universe, a lot of people would be soldiers there who wouldn’t be so here. Or they would be more violent and less disciplined than in our universe. As it is explained to Lili, the percentage of military personnel is deliberately kept very high over there.

There are more MACOs in particular than the group listed here, but these people are seen the most.



This Calafan recruit drills directly under Doug and, in the Mirror, in one of the alternate timelines, assassinates the Empress Hoshi Sato during Temper.

Douglas Jay Hayes Beckett

Doug, a trained killer, spends much of Reversal trying to leave the practice of making war. When he can’t find anything else to do with himself in Together, he eventually becomes the captain of a defense unit on Lafa II, and instructs recruits.

Daniel Chang

Chang, a canon character, defends the Enterprise but, in the E2 timeline, commits crimes.

Tristan Curtis

Curtis is another E2 timeline criminal. In the Temper alternate timelines, he’s named Craig.

Brian Delacroix

In the prime universe, Delacroix is a security guard who becomes a chef. In the Mirror, he nearly kills Doug.

Tommy Digiorno-Madden

Unlike the other five kids, Tommy joins Starfleet and goes into Tactical.

Thomas Grant

In the deep future, Tom is assigned to the Breen homeworld before he joins the Temporal Integrity Commission.

Deborah Hadden

Deb works in Security in both universes. In the Mirror, she kills Brian before he has a chance to off Doug. But her victory is short-lived, and she perishes when he leaves that universe.

Jay Hayes

The consummate soldier, Major J. Hayes is so committed to defending the ship that he has nearly no time for people.

Gary Hodgkins

Yet another E2 criminal, Hodgkins is often paired with Curtis, particularly in the Mirror.

Chandler Masterson

Chip is wasted in Security and is moved over to Communications. This isn’t possible in the Mirror, so he stays in  Tactical. In the prime timeline, he escapes the Empress, but in one of the alternates, he rises to become captain of the Defiant.

Travis Mayweather

Travis is a soldier in the Mirror Universe only. He’s a poor soldier, though, and an even worse leader. In the alternate timelines, and in the prime timeline, he is fragged by his own troops.

Andrew Miller

Like Travis, Andy is only a soldier in the Mirror. When the Empress taps him for somewhat earthy duties, he manages to get himself reassigned to Science.

Malcolm Reed

The other consummate canon career soldier, Malcolm is more ambitious and tries for a command as soon as he can get one.

José Torres

José is another person who is only a soldier in the Mirror. He is not cut out for command at all and, in an alternate timeline, destroys his ship, the Luna, and everyone on board is killed.


Star Trek fanfiction will always have a place for men and women (and other genders) in uniform.

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Review – It’s Not Really a Reset if you remember it

Review – It’s Not Really a Reset if you remember it


For a prompt about drinking to forgot, I decided to go with the alcoholic, Carmen Calavicci (I suppose I could have chosen Susan Cheshire, but Carmen spoke to me with this particular prompt) and the end of the main HG Wells storyline.


Review – It’s Not Really a Reset if you remember it

It is right after everything has happened in He Stays a Stranger. Marisol, Dan, and Boris may be alive again, but it is still a rather traumatic moment.

This is the part après the hitting of the big reset button.  Everyone feels terrible. And so Carmen suggests a visit to my standard, go-to watering hole of choice, the Tethys Tavern.

Story Postings


The story is Rated K.


One thing that broadcast Star Trek really never did was show aftermaths. This little story does this, but I can see where I should have done more.

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Spotlight – Phaseball

Spotlight – Phaseball


Spotlight – Phaseball
Particle rifle (meant to be similar to a game piece for phaseball)

At the start of A Long, Long Time Ago, various time traveler job candidates are approached by the current members of the Star Trek canon organization, the Temporary Integrity Commission. When bringing in Thomas Grant and Daniel Beauchaine, Kevin O’Connor finds these two friends playing this game together on a team.

The game is intended to be somewhat similar to paintball, but played with either phasers or even phase bows. Like paintball, it is a strategic type of game intended to, in some ways, mimic warfare. Players form teams and work together to attain an objective.


With few details so far, I can’t say that even I know the rules of phaseball.

Spotlight – Phaseball

I can see it as the kind of game that could conceivably take hours. However, with phased light, instead of paint, no one gets dirty, or at least they don’t get dirty from paint (sweat and dirt from the outside are a different story, of course).

Will it be back? I can’t say. I don’t honestly know a lot about paintball, and Beauchaine ends up incarcerated, so the chances of it returning are currently not so good.

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