Review – Where O Where

Review – Where O Where

Where O Where does HD want to be?


For a prompt about the parental point of view, I decided to go with a short story about perhaps my second-favorite (with the favorite being Lili) rebellious teenaged character, HD Avery.  So just how does a pair of staid farmers deal with their rock and roller musical genius son?


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On October 12, 3104, a teenaged HD Avery makes it clear that he will never become a farmer like his parents.

I had had Hank Avery III and Bev in my head but there weren’t a lot of opportunities to write them. In fact, they weren’t originally farmers. At first, when the HG Wells stories were more original than Star Trek fanfiction, the Averys were suburban New Jerseyites, and Beverly was a bit of an alcoholic cougar.

However, in the newer version, they are a much starker contrast to HD, who seems almost like he was found under a cabbage leaf rather than be their biological son. For people who aren’t so sure they even like music or art as worthwhile pursuits, they get a child who can sight-read music and play perfectly by ear, with ideal pitch and tone.


The music is, of course, Pearl Jam’s Last Kiss.

And I’m not even so sure why this was the song. It was just in my head at the time but, truthfully, it could have been nearly any song with a fairly spare melody line. In addition, the video is not official; I can’t seem to find an official music video for this song.

Story Postings


The story is Rated K.


So I would like to, at some point, return to HD’s teen years. I describe him quite a bit as being an obnoxious, immature kid, but I don’t think I quite captured that here.

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Portrait of a Character – Rex Ryan

Portrait of a Character – Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan plays the guitar.


The character is canon, although he did not have a first name. I’m not even so sure this was a speaking part. I named the character, as yet another reference to actor Steven Culp, after the Desperate Housewives character he played, Rex Van de Camp. Rex is not named after the coach of the New York Jets.


Portrait of a Character – Rex Ryan

Jason Collins as R. Ryan (Rex Ryan) (image is for educational purposes)

As in canon, Rex is played by actor Jason Collins. I do not know too much about the actor. It appears that he has gotten some work since the show went off the air. Good for him.


Shy and reserved, Rex is not the kind of guy who will ever be a leader or really promoted, although I can see him as getting commendations. I don’t send him on the failed missions, either.


Meredith Porter

As The Three of Us opens, Rex is one of the men who, it seems, is going to be left out of the gene pool. But he gets an idea, and hauls out his guitar, once he learns that Meredith can sing.  She is older than him, but that doesn’t matter. They also marry during Everybody Knows This is Nowhere.

Do they get together outside of the kicks back in time? It is certainly possible, as they look at each other during the reception at the end of Everybody Knows. I like to think that, just as with Frank and Dave, the strange experience gives them the kind of mental permission they need to go ahead.

Theme Music

Rex’s first number with Meredith is Woody Guthrie’s This Land is Your Land.

Mirror Universe

While the character does not appear in the canon Mirror Universe episodes, there is no reason why he can’t exist there.

Portrait of a Character – Rex Ryan

Jason Collins as Mirror (sort of) Rex (image is for educational purposes)

There is even the possibility that he could get together with Meredith. After all, Empress Hoshi doesn’t like competition from the female members of her crew, but she might be all right with the older engineer, and might not see Porter as a threat.


“Look, I’m gonna bring my guitar to the Observation Lounge every day this week. And you can listen or sing along or just give me the stink eye, whatever you want. Or you can get up and leave the room. And except for you up and leaving, I figure, it’ll be a positive sign. I’ll play, and you’ll do whatever you’re gonna do. And, well, please don’t go.”


I like the idea of a shy, reserved tough guy who gets the girl in the end. I think Meredith and Rex will both be back at some point.

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Progress Report – October 2014

Progress Report – October 2014

October 2014 was full of work!

Posted Works

Barking up the Muse Tree | Janet Gershen-Siegel | jespah | Quill | October 2014I started the month finishing The Canadian Caper, the Postmodern Jukebox adventure which is highly likely to be the first popfic ever written about the band. On Wattpad, I finished Before Days by adding First Born. I also finished The Social Media Guide, and began to post Reversal. I submitted eight works to the #Wattys2014 (The 2014 Watty Awards):

On, I continued spinning out The Three of Us. And on Ad Astra, I added a response to a prompt about discoveries. Because it was the first of the month, I called it Linfep Linfep Linfep. I also responded to a prompt about embarrassment by posting a MelissaLeonora story, Red. In addition, I posted Theorizing.

Finally, on the G & T Show forums, I finished spinning out Recessive and added Across the Universe.


So with over 75 stories with at least 10 reviews and 1000 reads, I am beginning to see some real benefit from this kind of popularity. Hence at this point, the In Between Days collection is the third-most read story on Ad Astra. So it benefits from the Top Ten listing. Also, In Between Days is also the fourth-largest series on that site, and is the series with the most reviews. In addition, I am the third-most prolific author and may very well hit second place before the end of the calendar year. Finally, on Wattpad, I have more than 500 followers and am looking to get 1,000 as I believe I will get a lot more reads there once I do. That is because it seems to be an identifiable milestone that is respected there.

See the Stats page for individual read and review counts.

WIP Corner

I continued working on The Polymer Beat, the second book in the wholly original Obolonk series.

Prep Work

I entered the title of The Polymer Beat into the NaNoWriMo site. So I have entered as a so-called rebel, as I don’t have the time to start something new this year.

I created a Facebook Author page to promote my work.

This Month’s Productivity Killers

In preparation for beginning to take two courses at a time at Quinnipiac (to start in January of 2015 and go for all three semesters of that year), I continued working hard to get ahead on work such as keeping the Twitter stream filled, etc. I also worked on social media for the G & T Show.

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