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Review – Quartermaster

Review – Quartermaster

I enjoy quartermaster characters. They do things which we do now. We can relate to them easily.  As a result, it can feel like a job which an ordinary fan can do. This drabble was written in response to a prompt of the same name.


Barking Up The Muse Tree | jespah | Janet Gershen-Siegel | Dev Patel as Sekar Khan (image is for educational purposes only)

Dev Patel as Sekar Khan (image is for educational purposes only)


During the E2 timeline, in canon, Hoshi Sato gets married, and has two children, Toru and Yoshiko. But that’s about all we know.

Review – Quartermaster

Hoshi Sato (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We learn that Jonathan Archer wed Esilia, Travis Mayweather wed Julie McKenzie, Phlox married Amanda Cole, Tripp Tucker married T’Pol, and Malcolm Reed never wed. Major Jay Hayes‘s love life is never mentioned in the episode.

So, Hoshi married someone. But who was he? And just as importantly, how did they get together?

I cover some of this in The Three of Us.  But the idea absolutely fell into my lap and I couldn’t shake it, that Sekar Khan, the Quartermaster, would play to his own strengths. Therefore, he would court Hoshi in his own special way.

Story Postings


The story has a K rating.


The story dovetails with There’s Something About Hoshi, as she wears a similar dress in that one (and reminisces a bit about Sekar, although none too fondly). And that also, now, makes me wonder how things got so sour between them. But the prime timeline is different, and the dice roll another way.

I like this little drabble, and I think it conveys what I wanted well, with a good economy of words and with no loss of impact. Do you agree?

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Portrait of a Character – Sekar Khan

Portrait of a Character – Sekar Khan

Sekar Khan, I should have kept you!


For the E2 stories, I wanted the Quartermaster character (the position is canon, but there was no named character working in it, in the series) to be rather active.

Portrait of a Character – Sekar Khan

Dev Patel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Much like Crystal Sherwood, Sekar (the name is pronounced like ‘shaker’) would be a creative person.


Chandrasekar is played by actor Dev Patel. I like this smart, handsome actor and feel he would play the kind of guy who stays in the background until the E2 scenario rears its ugly head. And once it does, he gets a ton to do, and suddenly becomes a rather important person indeed.


Pleasant and a bit self-effacing, Sekar mainly stays to himself. He’s a part of the crew during the Xindi War but is wondering what to do with himself. However, once the ship is sent back in time, he becomes busy. Brides need approximations of gowns. Babies need onesies. The crew has to plow fields … something. Sekar gets the call, again and again, to conjure up new things more or less out of thin air. He does so with creativity and aplomb.


Hoshi Sato

Sekar’s only known relationship is with Hoshi. In both iterative kicks back in time, they marry. However, in the first scenario, she dates both him and José for a while, before finally choosing him. Ironically, in the prime timeline, she refers to him as old what’s-his-name when dating Ted Stone, in There’s Something About Hoshi, a strong indication that he left the ship at the end of the hostilities.

Mirror Universe

Portrait of a Character – Sekar Khan

Mirror Sekar

There is nothing preventing Sekar from existing in the Mirror Universe. I write Mirror artists as being elites, so he would possibly be a rather wealthy man.

Would Empress Hoshi be interested? The idea intrigues. Perhaps I’ll write it someday.


“I guess it’s a way for the single people to get close. You know that dancing is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire.”


I made Sekar for the E2 timeline, and I think he served that purpose rather well. So will I bring him back? His portion of the timeline has limitations. But it’s not outside the realm of possibility, particularly in the Mirror Universe.

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